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Albion Armorers
Agincourt Sword
Baron Sword
Brescia Spadona
Caithness Sword
Castellan Sword
Celtic La Tene Type II Sword
Chieftain Sword
Clontarf Viking Sword
Conan the Barbarian Atlantean Sword
Count and Steward Swords
Crécy Sword
Doge Sword
Duke Sword
Earl Sword
Gaddhjalt Sword
Gallowglass Sword
Hersir Viking Sword
Jarl Viking Sword
Kingmaker Sword
Knight Sword
Laird Sword
Landgraf and Sempach Swords
Liechtenauer Sword
Mercenary and Constable Swords
Meyer Sword
Migration Type D Sword
Munich Sword
Norman Sword
Poitiers Sword
Prince and Squire Swords
Reeve Sword
Regent Sword
Ritter Sword
Senlac Sword
Sherriff Sword
Solingen Sword
Sovereign Sword
Squire Line 13th Century Great Sword
Squire Line 13th Century Knightly Sword
Squire Line 15th Century Bastard Sword
Sword of St. Maurice of Turin
Talhoffer Sword
Templar Sword
Thegn Sword
Tritonia Sword
Triumvirate of First Generation Gladii
Viceroy Sword
Yeoman Sword

Angus Trim Swords
AT1433 Type XVIa Warsword
AT1563 Lady Restita
AT1592 Danish Two-Hander
Christian Fletcher AT1520
Christian Fletcher AT1593
Christian Fletcher Ranger Sword
Christian Fletcher Redeemer
Christian Fletcher Side Sword
Christian Fletcher Type XVIIIa Sword
DD1404 "Moonbrand"
Single-handed Falchion

Arma Bohemia
Ballock Dagger
Rondel Dagger
Sgian Achles

Armour Class
Cup and Ring Basket-hilt
Mortuary Hilt Sword

Arms & Armor
Aunlaz Dagger
Bavarian Rapier
Black Prince Sword
Bohemian Broadsword
Cavalier Rapier
Custom Danish Two-Hander
Custom English Loop-hilt Smallsword
Custom Large Rondel Dagger
Custom Oakeshott Type XX Sword
Custom Rondel Dagger
Custom Stibbert Museum Rapier
Custom Swiss Dagger
Duke of Urbino
Dürer Bastard Sword
Edward III Sword
Edward III Sword: Another look
English Buckler
English Longsword
Fechtbuch Sword
Fechterspiel Sword
French Medieval Sword
German Bastard Sword
German Bastard Sword: Another look

Arms & Armor (continued)
Gustav Vasa Rapier
Henry V Sword
Horseman's Axe
Hungarian Axe
Iberian Mace
Italian Three Ring Rapier
Knightly Riding Sword
Medieval Knife
Milanese Rapier
Nordland Axe Prototype
Rondel Dagger
Round Targe
Schloss Erbach Sword
Scholar Sword
Spada da Zogho Sword
Two-Ring Rapier

CAS Iberia/Hanwei
Antiqued Gustav Rapier and Dagger
Charlemagne Saber
Combination Rapier
Federschwert Training Sword
Gambeson and Arming Cap
Mammen Axe
Mortuary Sword
Practical Side Sword
Trident Main Gauche
William Marshal Sword

Cold Steel
Grosse Messer

Darkwood Armory
English Rapier
Rondel Dagger
Side Sword
Teardrop Pappenheimer Sword
Transitional Flambard Rapier

Del Tin Armi Antiche
DT2102 Viking Sword
DT2123 Sword of Saint Galgano
DT2143 Hand-and-a-Half-Sword
DT2150 Sword of Estore Visconti
DT2151 Alexandria Type XIX Sword
DT2153 15th Century Sword
DT2155 Rondel Dagger
DT2156 Rondel Dagger
DT2161 Late 16th Century Sword
DT2173 German Left-Hand Dagger
DT5120 12th Century Sword
DT5140 Hand-and-a-Half-Sword
DT5149 14th Century Sword
DT5149 Dussack
DT5152 Schiavonesca Sword
DT5173 Schiavona
DT5181 Smallsword

E.B. Erickson
"Lowland" Basket-hilt Prototype
17th Century Hanger

Eric McHugh
All-Steel Rondel Dagger
Bearded Axe
Eric McHugh Custom Halberd

Jody Samson
Boarding Cutlass
Fantasy Carolingian Broadsword
Regency Broadsword
Warlord's Sword

15th Century Horseman's flail
Custom 15th Century Longsword
Custom Proto Schiavona
Custom Spadroon
Customized Katzbalger
Late 15th Century Large Dagger
Two-Handed Saber

Miscellaneous Makers
Ancient Edge 14th Century Bastard Sword
Antoine Marçal Rondel Dagger
Armour and Castings Gothic Finger Gauntlets
Castle Keep Oakeshott Type XII Sword
Czech Arms+Armor Manufacture Falchion
Davis Reproductions Ballock Dagger
Davis Reproductions Notation Knife
Elchon's Workshop Broken Back Seax

Miscellaneous Makers (continued)
G. Gedney Godwin Smallsword
James Austin Type M Danish War Axe
Jason Dingledine Oakeshott Type XVI Sword
Jeff Helmes Type XII Korsoygaden Sword
Jiří Klepač 14th Century Hourglass Gauntlets
John Gage Cocobolo Ballock Dagger
John Gage Thuya Burl Ballock Dagger
Justin King Rondel Dagger
Last Legend Gen 2 12th Century Sword
Last Legend Gen 2 Lucerne Sword
Lewis Moore 14th Century Hourglass Gauntlets
Mad Piper Snouted Ribbon Basket-Hilt
Manning Imperial Ballock Dagger
Manning Imperial Type XXa Longsword
Medieval Reproductions Viking Helmet
Michael "Tinker" Pearce Seax
Michael Pikula Riding Sword
Middlesex Village Trading Doglock Pistol
Old Dominion Forge Clamshell Hanger
Pavel Moc "Violet 1½" Bastard Sword
Pavel Moc Italy Sword
Peter Johnsson 13th Century Type X Sword
Revival Clothing Linen Gambeson
Swordcrafts Aluminum Longsword Wasters
Viking Shield Model II Shield

Phoenix Metal Creations
Bastard Sword
Hand-and-a-Half Sword
Loop-hilt Smallsword
Pappenheimer Sword

TEMPL Historic Arms
Iron Age Celtic Sword
Sutton Hoo Sword

Tod's Stuff
All-Steel Rondel Dagger
Bog Oak Ballock Dagger
Bone-handled Baselard
Boxwood-hilted Baselard
Broken Back Seax
Bronze-hilted Rondel Dagger
Dagger of Alexander Balliol
Dragon Warhammer
English Cutler 13th Century Eating Knife
English Cutler Ballock Dagger
Inlaid Broken-Back Seax
Scottish Dirk
Single-edged Rondel Dagger
Tod's Stuff 15th Century Eating Knife
Trio of Medieval Knives

Vince Evans
"Diamond" Backsword
"Milestone" Sword
Ballock Dagger
European Hanger
Pattern-Welded Scramseax
Scottish Dirk
Scottish Dirk #2
Scottish Single-hand Sword

Vladimir Cervenka
Flambard Rapier
Petersen Type S Viking Sword
Single-Edged Viking Sword
Type 1 Schiavona

Windlass Steelcrafts
"Type IV" Sword
15th Century Longsword
Brass-hilted Rondel Dagger
Classic Cinquedea
Confederate Foot Officer's Sword
Crusader Sword
Cut and Thrust Sword and Dagger
Dutch Cutlass
English Rondel Dagger
English Tuck (Estoc)
German Falchion
German Mace
High Middle Ages Dagger
Long-Bladed Hewing Spear
Medieval Short Sword
River Thames Mace
Scottish Backsword
Scottish Burgonet
Scottish Dagger
Sword of St. Michael
Towton Sword
Type 1 Blackened Schiavona
Type 2 Schiavona
War Sword of Albrecht II

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