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Medieval Horse and Its Equipment (Medieval Finds from Excavations in London)
by John Clark

This well-presented volume publishes horse equipment and associated objects discovered during excavations in London during the 1970s and early 1980s. This material, most of which is stratified securely, provides an invaluable reference source for any medievalist. An overview on the excavations is followed by sections on the major find-types: harness-fittings, horseshoes, spurs and spur-fittings and curry combs. An appendix reports on the skeletal evidence. This edition has a new ...

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Edition: Hardcover

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Peter Lyon :: * RECOMMENDED *
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Hugh Knight :: * RECOMMENDED *
While the material this book does cover is excellent, it has become fashionable among those wishing to be perveived as "serious" historians to largely ignore upper-class medieval life unless they are working with it specifically. This book, intentionally or otherwise, falls into ...
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