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Ewart Oakeshott: The Man and his Legacy
Mail: Unchained
Our Reference Library: The Bibliography
Sword Blade Hardness: the current research
The Sword Typology of Alfred Geibig

Definitions, Terminology, and Beginner Info
Anatomy of the Sword
A Beginner's Glossary of Terms
Forms of European Edged Weaponry
An Introduction to the Sword
Variety and Evolution of the Hilt

Articles and Essays
Care and Maintenance of the Modern Replica
Evolution and Evaluation of Modern Replicas
Ground or Pound? Forging vs. Stock Removal
Hey Mister... Is That Sword Real?
How to Evaluate a Historical Sword Specimen
The Instant Antique: A Practical Guide
A Profile of Del Tin Armi Antiche
Understanding Blade Properties
Workbench: An English Tuck/Estoc
Workbench: Confederate Foot Officer's Sword

Man of War
Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
Edward III, King of England
Edward, the Black Prince
Henry V
Sir George Clifford

Great Battles
The Battle of Agincourt
The Battle of Courtrai
The Battle of Crécy
The Battle of Hastings
The Battle of Poitiers
The Battle of Stamford Bridge

Downloadable Media
Wallpaper: A&A Fechterspiel and Fechtbuch
Wallpaper: A&A Milanese Rapier
Wallpaper: A&A Warhammer
Wallpaper: Albion Caithness Sword
Wallpaper: Albion Constable and Mercenary
Wallpaper: Albion Count and Steward
Wallpaper: Albion Crecy Grete Swerdes
Wallpaper: Albion Regent Sword
Wallpaper: Albion Sempach and Landgraf
Wallpaper: Albion Viceroy Sword
Wallpaper: Armour of Charles V, circa 1525
Wallpaper: Arms & Armor Dresden Set
Wallpaper: Arms & Armor Medici Falchion
Wallpaper: Bronze-hilted Scottish Claymore
Wallpaper: Chivalry, the Essence of Virtue
Wallpaper: Christian Fletcher/ATrim Swords
Wallpaper: Del Tin 5149 Sword
Wallpaper: Del Tin Dussack
Wallpaper: Del Tin Rondel Daggers
Wallpaper: Distraction
Wallpaper: Lutel 13001 Katzbalger
Wallpaper: Lutel 15010 Hand and a Half
Wallpaper: MRL Sword of St. Michael
Wallpaper: Nathan's Collection Apr '09
Wallpaper: Nathan's Collection Jan '03
Wallpaper: Nathan's Collection Jul '11
Wallpaper: Oakeshott Type X Swords
Wallpaper: Oakeshott Type XI Swords
Wallpaper: Oakeshott Type XII Swords
Wallpaper: Oakeshott Type XIII Swords
Wallpaper: Oakeshott Type XIV Swords
Wallpaper: Oakeshott Type XV Swords
Wallpaper: Oakeshott Type XVI Swords
Wallpaper: Oakeshott Type XVII Swords
Wallpaper: Oakeshott Type XVIII Swords
Wallpaper: PMC Back-bladed Side Sword
Wallpaper: PMC Hand and a Half
Wallpaper: Rapier Schematic
Wallpaper: The Heart of Honour
Wallpaper: Vince Evans "Lowland" hilt

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