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Leelund K

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PostPosted: Tue 16 Oct, 2018 7:24 am    Post subject: Feedback for Lance Morris (buyer)         Reply with quote

I sold Landon an A&A Town Guard with Leather Scabbard little over a year ago. The item was not in perfect condition and I disclosed the flaws in a very lengthy description in the ad. I posted an optimistic price, anticipating that someone would haggle it down. The optimistic price was 40% off what the kit would cost new.

Landon snatched up the deal with no haggling, but after receiving it complained about the aforementioned flaws and claimed that I cheated him by not disclosing them. After I quoted my ad, refencing every issue he complained about, he further accused me of selling a fake. Continuously calling me dishonest, he demanded I refund him and return his money.

Confused by his accusatory tone, I did what I should have done before the sale and looked up his posts and presence on the forum. Barely a year earlier, Landon started a thread in which he bashed A&A for having low quality, complaining specifically about A&Aís bad welding. In my ad, I noted that the sword had welding flaws on the guard, which Landon referred to as cracks. In the thread Landon all but swore off the brand and belittled a few other forum members for not using their swords hard enough to know what they are capable of. This was in response to other forum members suggesting that Landonís use of the weapons on his hard pell was abusive. Further searching revealed two other instances where Landon brags about breaking his swords (one even titled: ďode to a broken sword.Ē)

This suggested to me that Landon might have abused the sword. His open bragging about breaking weapons and accusing me of not disclosing things that were clearly written in my ad made me too suspicious to take the sword back. A few days later, Landonís girlfriend, through whom Landon paid for the sword, called her bank and told them that they never authorized any transaction, pulling money out of my Paypal account. I filed a police report soon after against his girlfriend, naming Landon as an accomplice, but given that itís a case of sub-$1500 internet theft, itíll probably take a while to get to. Itís been a year and they havenít got to it yet.

I have a detailed paper trail of all the events in this unnecessary drama. Maybe one day itíll get resolved, but until then, seller beware.
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J. Nicolaysen

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PostPosted: Thu 18 Oct, 2018 6:11 pm    Post subject:         Reply with quote

Wow what a terrible story! Sorry to hear about it, but thanks for sharing it here.
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