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Brogdon Combs

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PostPosted: Sun 17 May, 2009 5:50 pm    Post subject: For Sale: Windlass Verneuil         Reply with quote

This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

Hello, everyone. Well, to fund some new purchases I'm having to sell my wonderful first-and-only euro, the Windlass Vernuiel. Cry

Windlass' quality varies widely between models, but this is one of their best. Reviewed here: , Verneuil is a GREAT sword. (not a great-sword, mind you. Wink )

Also, while Windlass' QC is spotty at the best of times, I'd say that the specific sword I recieved is every bit as good as the one reviewed by Bill Goodwin, if not even better.

This Verneuil has been sharpened to a razor-sharp secondary bevel. Not as good as a primary bevel in most peoples' opinions, but many reputable forum members have said that KoA's sharpening service is excellent, and I'll heartily second that fact.

Verneuil is found cheapest at KoA, where it sells for $199.95 +$18 for sharpening and about $15 for shipping.

I'll let this one go for the low price of $150 + the actual cost of shipping. Compared to $218 + shipping, this is a hefty discount.

My Verneuil has minor aesthetic damage, including MINOR scratches from cutting water bottles (although there are quite a few of these minor scratches), and a few minor scuffs on the blade. The only damage that could not be repaired with 15 minutes of polishing are a few miniscule marks on one side of the guard and pommel, where it was layed down on concrete. (NOT by me, I can assure you. Stupid sword-ignorant friends. Mad Evil Laughing Out Loud )

The edge is in perfect condition. It has not dulled, chipped, or rolled during use. There are no spots on the blade and no rust; I've always kept it coated with a layer of 3in1. The scabbard is in perfect condition as well, actually a little bit better than when I got it as Windlass scabards come with an annoying amount of dust and powder inside. Rest assured I cleaned that out long ago. Also, the pommel has been secured with semi-permanant loctite (the blue kind), but is easily removable if you apply a bit of heat. (This loosens the loctite.)

Unfortunately, I can't seem to manage the feat of uploading photos, but for pictures of any part of the sword please email me at .

I will include a bottle of blue loctite that has only been used once on this sword. Normally $5, it's not very valuable, but it will save you a trip to the store when you need it!

I'm pretty eager to sell this, but I really can't lower the price as I've already set it at my absolute minimum to promote a quick sale. Thanks for looking! Big Grin


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