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Johannes S.

Joined: 01 Mar 2004

Posts: 18

PostPosted: Mon 01 Mar, 2004 8:20 am    Post subject: Lots of Armour smith links!         Reply with quote

Well helo every one! This is my first post on and I am going to post links to 55 armour smiths to make a good start on posting here. Enjoy!

Albion Armours
Arms and Armour
Alemain Rivet Munitions Armory
Armadillo Armory & Collectibles
Abela, Carmel Emanuel
Age of Heroes Armory
Armurerie Cפtי
Armurerie Jalbert
Ashcraft / Baker Armory
Asher's Armory
Atelier du Heaume
Bokalo's Armoury
Clang Armoury
DarkHeart Armoury
Deadly Serious War Arts
Gillaspie, James Arlen
GAA Armouries
Historic Enterprises
Icefalcon Armory
Illusion Armoring
James River Armoury
Justus, Tom ~ Armourer
KragAxe Armoury
L'Amurerie Dubי
MacKenzie-Smith Medieval Arms & Armor
MacPherson, Robert R.
Mad Matts Armory
Medieval Reproductions
Merchant Medieval
Minamoto Armouries
Norse Star Armoury
Oaks Armoury
Online Armory
Performance Armour
Plessis Armouries
Red Dragon Armoury
Red Falcon Armouries
Silvermane Limited
Stirling Brown Arms & Armour
Swords & Armour
Thak ~ Blacksmith, Armorer, Sculptor
Talon Armory
Tara Forge
The Armoury of Bellaern
The Hammered Wombat
Truehearth Armouries
Valentine Armouries
The Vistar Armoury
Waldryk's Arms & Armor
Wise Ogre Armory
Wind Rose Armoury
Wild Wolf Forge

With these 55 links you are bound to find the Maker that fits your style and budget Big Grin

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Alexi Goranov
myArmoury Alumni

myArmoury Alumni

Location: San Francisco, CA
Joined: 24 Jan 2004
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PostPosted: Mon 01 Mar, 2004 9:42 am    Post subject:         Reply with quote

Hi Johannes,

I think this list could be much more helpful, if the retailers/makers are organized in some categories, for example the average quality of their products. Assuming some maker as a standard lets say Windlass Steelcrafts, one can organize it by "lower", "similar to", and "better than" categories. I understand that this is largely subjective, and it may seem easier to do than it is, but it will certainly add a completely different browsing experience. Another way of organizing this list is to separate the makers of original armor and weapons from those that simply distribute somebody elses stuff (nothing wrong with that). This comes from the experience that many, many sites simply retail low end products, and I have seen all I want to see from SAC Iberia and Valiant Armoury.

Most of the people in this forum know the where the "good" stuff comes from, and you have included some of those manufacturers. So here is the question I ask my self: If I know where to get the stuff I need, why should I waste my time at questionable/unknown websites, where finding things that I like is possible but less likely? A sincere recommendation of a manufacturer makes me adopt a different attitude towards browsing their website, i.e. I no longer consider it a waste of time, and vise versa.

This does not mean that the list you provided is not helpful, but that it could be much, much more helpful with a short description of what is/or isn't on each of those web-sites. Should you sit down and do that ? If you have purchased stuff from these websites and you can recommend them / or not then maybe worth your while, otherwise do not bother.

Still a decent list that I personally have to explore some more



Edited: When I wrote this post I thought that it was for BOTH Weapons and Armor. Now I read it MORE CAREFULLY and realized that I was wrong. Have that in mind if you find what I said more or less pointless. Big Grin
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Johannes S.

Joined: 01 Mar 2004

Posts: 18

PostPosted: Mon 01 Mar, 2004 12:36 pm    Post subject:         Reply with quote

Well I know that most if not all of these people are not supplyers of someone else's work but their own (that was the key thing I was looking at when I got these links). When I was making these links I didn't realy give any thought to the swords these people sell, only the armour. I don't realy know what quality these poeple have, but I have asked questions and looked around. If you live in the US and you want armour then go to Illusion Armoring, Albion Armours, or Arms and Armour (though Illusion Armoring is very inexpensive dont let these low prices fool you on the quality and his customer service though. He has excelent quality and the customer service is great). Now if you live in Canada though then I can recommend Truehearth Armoury and Valintine Armoury of which both have good customer service (note that even though Truehearth Armoury might not have good looking armour I am quite shure that it will last, and both smiths will gladly do any custom projects). And also note that I said that these links are to help you find a smith that suits your style and buget, or else I would have just posted Albion Armours, Arms and Armour, Illusion armoring, Truehearth armory, and Valintine Armoury's links.
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