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H. Bjornsson

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PostPosted: Wed 23 Feb, 2011 4:01 pm    Post subject: A different request         Reply with quote

Hi! Been lurking here for a while now and when I saw this article I couldn't stop myself sharing it even if it's in swedish. Although it's nothing outrageously special, it's an inquiry for a 40 man strong viking hird Big Grin

The city of Trelleborg, which has it's name from the old viking military camps is arranging a viking battle this summer. It seems they have done this before and that they have rebuilt some sort of viking fort which they call the Trelleborg.

The article reads (excuse me for any language mistakes);


Wanted: Viking accompanied by at least 40 warriors

Trelleborg Trelleborg city is looking for a viking who can arrange at least 40 capable warriors, and at least ten tents with artisans and merchants. The slightly odd contract resembles an edict from some ancient Danish king who is looking for people for his hird.

The municipality is searching for someone to arrange Viking battle at the Trelleborg 8th to 10th of July this year. One of the criteria is that anyone who wants to lead the project itself should be an active viking during the days in question.

"The person we seek must have the network of contacts in these circles and will be a viking himself, too, so it's natural" says Ylva Kristina Ekelund, borgfru ("fort mistress") of the Trelleborg.

The inquiry includes a requirement that it should be arranged at least two viking battles, with at least 40 skilled warriors.

"It must be highly capable people, because if you do not know what you are doing it can be dangerous. You can hear them hitting each other hard during these battles" says Ylva Kristina Ekelund

In addition to battles, there should also be a fair with tents, artisans and merchants during the event.

In addition, the vikings should show and demonstrate the weapons, clothes and equipment and meet in smaller fights.

To compare with an old Danish king's court is perhaps not so far fetched, when you see that the vikings also will serve as guards and stand at the entrances to the area during the summer Viking battle.

It amused me anyway so I thought I'd share it Big Grin And perhaps there's someone to answer the call to arms? Wink
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Simon G.

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PostPosted: Wed 23 Feb, 2011 5:48 pm    Post subject:         Reply with quote

A viking does not seek employment from a town!

He pillages it!

Then burns it!

And sells the town officials into slavery!

Clearly this is in fact a clever viking scheme, like that one (allegedly) by Harald Hardrada when he feigned death in order to be invited to enter a city with a group of followers. The officials of Trelleborg have similarly been manipulated into inviting 40 savage vikings into their walls (and with their weapons no less).

Officials of Trelleborg, I hope your policemen are ready to face the bearded axes!
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