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G.L. Williamson

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PostPosted: Fri 09 May, 2014 2:30 am    Post subject: For Sale: Custom A&A German rapier, with matching dagger         Reply with quote

This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

Howdy! Our 5th wedding anniversary is coming up very shortly, and I need to "release to the wilds" a few items in order to fund a better "gifty bit" for my wife. She's more than worth it, though, and I honestly about never even touch these, so it seems best to send them on to a good home where they'd see more attention. If you're wondering, no...She isn't making me sell these just to buy her She doesn't even know I'm doing it. Wink

See below for item descriptions. (Note: Much better photos of the base model of this rapier and its matching dagger can be found on the Arms&Armor website, under #163 German Rapier, #196 German Parrying Dagger, and #116 Rapier Scabbard.)

Regarding the below, USA shipping and insurance are included in the price(s)--unless the buyer informs me of another method, UPS Ground is the only way I know to send such things, and I've no experience shipping such things overseas. If overseas shipping is desired and legally allowed, the buyer would need to educate me on the process, as well as be prepared for possible additional shipping costs.

Please remember to include your shipping address and preferred method of payment in your PM (if PayPal, I'll reply with our address for them). Unless otherwise agreed between the buyer and myself, payment via Paypal must be received within 24 hours of an "I'll take it", and any payments sent via USPS money order must be received within 7 days. Item(s) purchased will generally be shipped within 1 business day of receiving PayPal payment--if paying via USPS money order, please understand there may be a 2 week hold on shipping to ensure it clears. Buyer is responsible for knowing, and following, their local laws with regard to the purchase of any item listed here. If you have any questions, please ask. I have lots of all positive feedback on various websites; feel free to ask if you'd like to read it/them.

To save everyone involved time, I try to price things fairly, however if you don't like a price and have a *reasonable* offer please drop me a PM. Thanks, sincerely, for your interest!

This A&A German rapier and matching parrying dagger were customized for me in the following areas:

Rapier blade-a bit wider (1/4") than base model, to maintain proper taper for added length of 2" over standard. The balance feels to me as if the A&A guys did a great job keeping the lively feel of a standard model, while giving just a touch more length.

Finish-I had A&A blue the hilts, then polish the leaf accents and such, to create what I feel is a beautiful two-tone look.

Condition is excellent/like new. Both blades are sharp.

I'd rather sell these as a set, but if the rapier buyer chooses to purchase only that, then the dagger (and only then) would become available singly.

Pricing: Rapier US$1275 (including an A&A rapier scabbard--which had some stiching come lose, though I "quicky" fixed it)
Parrying dagger US$325
As a set/package: US$1550
I will also include--at no extra cost--scabbard and sword belt fittings, also from A&A, with the purchase of the set. These are unfinished, and will need some work to complete (casting flash removal, basic polishing, etc.).
(For reference: New these items together, with custom blade/blue jobs/scabbard/etc. and shipping would run a fair bit over US$1900, plus the wait time.)

In an effort to show (given my lack of awesome photography skills) the length of various items and the overall length, the following pics include a measuring tape in sections...When I tried a single overall shot with the tape, the tape couldn't be read, considering the distance I had to back off to get the whole rapier in frame. Hopefully, that makes sense. Wink

The only flaw I've found on either item is in the fuller of only the dagger...It's gets a bit "squiggly" toward the end on one side--forgive the difficulty in describing it. As you should be able to see in the following photo, it really isn't horrible. The other side isn't perfect, either, though I had to really look to see that one. I always accepted these marks as what can sometimes happen with hand-worked blades, and am confident it could be touched up to correct should the new owner feel it's necessary. Craig at A&A assured me when I mentioned this bit to him upon first receiving the set that I, and any future owner, could contact A&A to address the fullers, should the need be felt.


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G.L. Williamson

Joined: 25 Sep 2006

Posts: 20

Feedback score: None
PostPosted: Fri 09 May, 2014 4:39 pm    Post subject:         Reply with quote

This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

I'm not quite sure where I got a bit off in my numbers--except that it being 4 something in the morning must have had something to do with it--but I'd originally planned to offer these a bit less than what's posted above.

Correct pricing is: Rapier US$1075
Parrying dagger US$275
As a set US$1275

Remember, there's no wait time on these, plus the custom options, extras, included shipping, etc...Wink

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