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Mercer L. Blaire

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PostPosted: Wed 12 Feb, 2014 1:02 pm    Post subject: For Sale: A Couple Kodachis         Reply with quote

This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

First up is my Discontinued Hira Zukuri Kodachi by HSTS. This was the early wind-glider model that was designed as a Trick cutter for Tatami mats and light targets. the blade is scary sharp and easily slices through targets. it is easy to get consistent silent cuts on bottles with proper edge alignment. The blade is made from Differentially Hardened T-10 Steel and has a visible non etched hamon. The tsuka was purchased by me off of ebay and has a kind of hondachi looking kashira. It features black chemical fiber ito over what appears to be black samegawa pannels. I haven't disassembled it. The tsuba is a bit loose and the fittings are typical artsfeng type stuff. nothing fancy by any stretch, but as most know, the bread and butter of these swords is in the blade itself. I upgraded the saya with Genuine Good quality thick Japanese cotton Sageo in a black and green color scheme. the blade on this sword is 21 inches in length counting the habaki the tsuka is 10 inches in length, and the saya fit is snug but not overly tight. Just where i like it. The blade has a small nick towards the tip that i tried to photograph as best i could. It doesnt effect cutting performance at all, and unless you look close you cant see it.

This sword will go for 175.00 Buyer pays shipping to US and CA

Next up is a customized Lonquon Blade. i sharpened it, and made a tsuka for it. the tsukamaki and full python skin wrap were done by me, and i also made the simple mokko-ish tsuba from Mild Steel. This ones pretty much a project blade or backyard beater for cutting. the handle looks pretty, the blade has sharpening marks from the tom K method, but its an overal solid sword and would a great cutter for someone who likes kodachis The saya was stripped to bare wood and finished with minwax Natural stain, and i replaced the sageo with a leather strap type loop i made for carrying the sword on my belt. at my side. The tsuka is wrapped in genuine leather ito and does alternate the proper way. ill let this one go for 90.00$ Buyer pays shipping.

If someone would like to buy them both ill sell the pair for 225.00 + Shipping.
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