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Gabriele Becattini

Joined: 21 Aug 2007

Posts: 720

PostPosted: Tue 07 Jun, 2011 6:07 am    Post subject: turkish sabre from Viktor Berbekucz         Reply with quote

here's my new turkish sabre just arrived from Hungary, the maker is a rarely mentioned one in the forum, Viktor Berbekucz.

the sword is not an exact reproduction but rather a "standard" turkish-ottoman sabre ot the kind commonly found from the late XVth century onward, even if mine is much more an early-mid XVIth century model.

the crossguard, the pommel and the scabbard forniture are fashioned from brass, the grip and the wooden core scabbard
covered in black leather, a colour combination well attested in contemporary depiction, as well in many surviving examples, most notabily the so called "sword of the Prophet Muhammad".

the blade is unsharpened, completely hand forged, with a single fuller and a little pronounced yelmen or false edge.

i'm quite pleased with the result:

the sword has a solid feel and it is very well assembled, the scabbard fit the blade very well without rattle, but it is loose enough to draw the blade very quickly. the handling looks correct for this kind of blade, the hilt configuration and the lack of a big pommel to counterweight the blade was an issue when i have first commissioned the sword as i was expecting a rather point heavy sabre or a down sized blade to keep the weight down. i have to say that, for my limited experience, mr.Berbekucz has done a fine job as the sword is not point heavy at all and blade is very realistic in size, and plus we have to remember that it is not sharp. i have found no difficult in executing the basic moulinet drill in the style of the military sabre of the 19th century, the recover is reasonably quick and the sword has a lot of blade presence, i'm sure that if it was sharp it would prove a good battlefield weapon, especially from horseback and against lightly armoured opponents.

Communication with Mr.Berbekucz was easy and the sword has been finished and delivered in a couple of months, the sword was well packed and it is arrived in perfect conditions. I have to say that his price was excellent especially for a complete custom sword with scabbard. I strongly recommend his work, if you wish a well made,robust sword, at a fair price and in a short time, for sure it won't be my last sword from him.

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Sander Alsters

Location: Netherlands
Joined: 03 Jun 2009

Posts: 54

PostPosted: Tue 07 Jun, 2011 8:00 am    Post subject: sword         Reply with quote

The sword looks awesome! Whats its weight? And what kind of price are we talking about if I may ask?
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Matthew G.M. Korenkiewicz

Location: Michigan, USA
Joined: 08 Mar 2004
Reading list: 3 books

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PostPosted: Wed 08 Jun, 2011 7:38 am    Post subject:         Reply with quote

Ahhhh, can we all cry out ...


I've heard of Mr. B, and I think I've looked at his website from time to time, if I'm
thinking of the correct place. Very handsome piece, I like the simple and historical
lines ...

A while back Richard Furrer (sp?) shared a PDF file with me of the legendary
book by W. Zablocki on Polish War Sabers. I believe it included drawings of many
swords which influenced the szabla in Poland, including Turkish-style blades of
the type yours appears to represent. I wish I'd had a printer at that time, or figured
a way to save the pictures that wowwed me ...

A question for you, Gabriele, could you please discuss shipping procedures the both
of you might have had to deal with in sending the sword across country-borders or
overseas if you happen to be on another continent ? One might assume there'd be
NO difficulties mainly because he does not send a " sharpened " sword ... But was
there any extra paperwork ? problems with customs or duty fees ?

Thanks, and very nice pics by the way !
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Gabriele Becattini

Joined: 21 Aug 2007

Posts: 720

PostPosted: Wed 08 Jun, 2011 10:46 am    Post subject:         Reply with quote

Sander: the sabre is just under one kilo, and the total price for the entire project including shipping is in the 400 Euros range, remember that the sabre has been made to my own measurements

Matthew: a junior sister of your Ludemo turkish sabre! i was expecting a comment from you!

I live in italy and importing the sabre from Hungary has been incredibly simple, the pack is arrived in about 10 days without problems with the normal postal service, no paperwork no custom or duty fees, it has been just like receiving a "normal" package. honestly i can't tell you if overseas shipping would prouve much more difficult, i have sent unsharpened sword in the US without problems in the past. the fact that it was unsharpened probably has helped but i have received sharp weapons from the Uk without any issue... probably the border officers was of turkish ancestry Wink
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