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The New Generation of Japanese Swordsmiths
by Tamio Tsuchiko

Unparalleled in its deadly cutting power, strength, and enduring elegance, the Japanese sword is a triumph of both technical merit and mythical appeal. For a ...

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—Updated Sep 3, 2007

The Samurai Sword: A Handbook
by John M. Yumoto

The samurai sword: symbol of the spirit of old Japan it embodies the samurai's steely discipline, unswerving devotion, and peerless skill. A feat of craftsmanship ...

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—Updated Sep 3, 2007

The Japanese Sword (Japanese Arts Library)
by Kanzan Sato

The Japanese sword combines unbreakability, rigidity, and lethal cutting power, and it is in the resolution of these conflicting practical requirements that it ...

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—Updated Sep 3, 2007

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