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Rules of Conduct
Overall Behavior
Do conduct yourself in a professional manner
Do not troll our forums
Do not post inappropriate content
Do not attack other members
Do not bring the politics of other sites or groups to this site
Do not take it upon yourself to moderate our forum
Do not be offended by moderator actions
Do not debate or argue against moderator actions
Do not make multiple accounts
Try to stay on-topic at all times
Post similar questions together
Try to avoid duplicating topics already discussed
Use short, concise titles for your topics
Try not to double post
Do not cross-post in multiple forums or multiple topics
Do your best to format your posts for easy readability
Please limit your posts to the English language
Do not publicly post any private communication
Be careful when discussing active items found on auction sites
Do not use the private message system for critical messages
Do not abuse the right to advertise
Do pay attention to our Marketplace forum rules
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