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Is in your opinion, a sword
mostly a practical tool
 50%  [ 2 ]
mostly a mythical ideal
 50%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 4

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Paul Hansen

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PostPosted: Yesterday at 2:28 pm    Post subject: The Sword: practical tool or mythical ideal?         Reply with quote

This thread is inspired by the thread "Favorite item from your collection" which I have difficulty posting on because my favourite swords are very much apart from each other.

Hence the question: is, in your opinion:

- a sword mostly a tool, a weapon to be used in war, defence or duelling, and therefore your favourite is the one that fits best to your personal needs and fencing style?

or is

- a sword mostly an ideal construct, a symbol of power, a way to connect with history or an esthetic ideal? And is therefore your favourite sword the one that is a perfect representation of e.g. your favourite historical period, or fantasy genre? I would also include originals / antiques in this category, unless they are relatively recent or common and you still use them for e.g. test cutting.

I suppose that the holy grail would be a union of the two aboves, but unfortunately I have not yet found this holy grail myself. And I fear that I will never reach this either. For me personally, I prefer single edged swords for practical reasons while my favourite periods favoured double edged swords, which I also prefer for esthetic reasons.

Historically I think that in several periods (e.g. the knighly sword, but also the European bronze sword) sword smiths tried to reach the holy grail by combining religiously inpired proportions and designs into a practical tool. But as modern swordsmen we are quite far removed from these traditions, both on a practical and on a spiritual level. But that's perhaps a topic for another thread, as I intended this thread to ask about your perspective as a modern swordsman / swordswoman.

To keep the poll interesting, I did not include this holy grail.
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