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PostPosted: Wed 10 May, 2017 7:10 pm    Post subject: Marketplace Feedback Help and Information         Reply with quote

The purpose of this Marketplace Feedback forum is to provide a place for members to leave feedback about their experience with buying, selling, or trading with other members on our Marketplace forum or with Industry Professionals on our Makers and Manufacturers forum.

We encourage all members to check this Marketplace Feedback forum before executing any new transactions.

Feedback may consist of a positive, neutral, or negative account of a transaction. Feedback is then combined to form a Feedback Score. This score is an indicator of how positive a member's previous selling and trading transactions have been. Feedback for buyers is not considered in the Feedback Score.

Each member's Feedback Score is shown in their member profile as well as below their name in all Marketplace, Makers and Manufacturers, and Marketplace Feedback forum topics.

Please note that this forum is only intended to leave and discuss feedback for transactions that have already happened. It is not the place to ask for feedback from other members. If you aren't finding enough feedback, you might want to send a private message asking a member to use the "Request feedback from a member" link to contact others with whom he or she has conducted business.

General Information:
  • Sellers, traders, and buyers can all rate their experiences in this forum
  • Feedback should be given separately for each item to allow people to build their Feedback Score
  • Each member who receives feedback is given a feedback profile viewable by clicking on the member's Feedback Score
  • A link to your own feedback profile can be found at the top of the Marketplace Feedback forum
  • Feedback left for buyers will not affect their Feedback Score. This encourages members to leave honest feedback of sellers without fearing retaliation

Issues and disclaimers:
  • Please contact the other party to attempt to resolve any issues before leaving neutral or negative feedback
  • will not get involved in disputes between members regarding feedback
  • Any errors made while posting feedback can can be corrected within two weeks simply by editing the post
  • If feedback has been incorrectly left for a transaction that did not involve you, you are welcome to use the Report function on its topic page

When to leave feedback:
  • Sellers should leave feedback immediately after payment is received (or has cleared)
  • We strongly encourage buyers or traders to leave feedback once the item is received. If the item does not arrive, we suggest contacting the other party to discuss shipping details such as ship date, tracking number, etc. Feedback should only be left after a successful transaction or after all attempts to resolve an issue have been made

How to determine what kind of feedback to leave:
  • Did the item received match the description?
  • Did the person ship the item in a reasonable timeframe?
  • Was the item packaged appropriately?
  • Was your communication with the person acceptable?
  • Leave positive feedback when you are satisfied with the transaction. A neutral can be given when there was a minor problem but the item received was acceptable. A negative should only be given when the other party was unable to remedy the situation where there was a serious problem with the item or it was never received .

The type of comments to include in a feedback post:
  • Keep it brief and to the point
  • Do not post private information, emails, or other correspondence
  • Always follow our site-wide Rules of Conduct

How to get feedback from others:
  • Use the "Request feedback from a member" link at the top of the forum to ask others to rate a transaction they had with you
  • Leaving feedback for others might encourage them to leave feedback for you

Notes about verified feedback:
  • Verified feedback has had the feedback recipient verify that the transaction took place
  • Verification does not indicate an endorsement of the feedback
  • Members who have unverified negative feedback as a seller or trader cannot post new topics in The Marketplace
  • Use the "Check for unverified negative feedback" link at the top of the forum to review unverified negative feedback that has been left for you

How the Feedback Score is calculated:
    The actual formula is:

    [ number of positives ] / [ number of positives + number of negatives ] = Feedback Score

    For a person having had feedback on 10 transactions with one negative and one neutral, the calculation would be:

    [ 8 ] / [ 8 + 1 ] = 88.9%

    And the result would be displayed as:

    Feedback score: 88.9%
    ( 10 total :: 80% positive )

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