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Bob Burns

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PostPosted: Wed 20 Jul, 2011 3:16 pm    Post subject: Windlass Indo - Persian Charay aka Khyber Knife         Reply with quote

The finish is antiqued, blade comes unsharpened unless otherwise ordered and the grip is made of buffalo horn and brass which has depressed stars that are painted red and black as ornimantation. Along with inscribed lines. And wave like designs on guard. The blade 2 1/8" wide at the grip finger guard has the blade welded into it while the top spine half of the blade is of full tang construction and the buffalo horn halves of the grip are held in place with two brass rivets. There is. A welded ring fitting with a solid welded brass ring on the butt of the grip for a wrist loop.
Overall length including the half inch ring fitting is 29 1/4", blade length is 22 1/4 ", mine is 22 7/16". At the guard the blade width is 2 1/8" halfway point 11 1/4" the blade is 1 3/8" and one inch from the point is 7/16" wide. The spine runs the whole length of the blade and is 5/16 wide at the proximal aspect, at the halfway point 11 1/4" the spine is 1/4". And one inch from the point is 1/8". The weight is 2 lbs 9.5 oz comes with a black leather scabbard fitted with a brass throat and chape.
I had no problem sharpening mine and it now has a very sharp edge, the blade has a slight curve to it.
This is a Middle Eastern knife. With a lot of heft to it and the size of a short sword. Because of the robust spine the blade is stiff, my Charay has a balance point at 1 3/4 inches from the guard.
This is one ferocious and vicious looking piece, in fact when I showed it to my wife she said she got butterflies in her stomach and chills down her spine! As for knives per say, this "knife" has the visual impact as being something out of a night terror dream, it has quite a presence! The point on this (sword/knife) is very stout because of the spine which likewise comes to a point along with the blade. Because of the wide and 5/32 (just shy of 3/16") thick spine this would also function as a percussion piece as well. Retails for $165.00 but priced for $129.95 at
For this price, anyone interested in Middle Eastern swords daggers and knives, I think would find this piece very impressive!
The Windlass Indo - Persian Charay is constructed very solid and over tima and reasonable use, I see this piece to have no potential for developing any play or looseness of it's components! Cheers!

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Shahril Dzulkifli

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PostPosted: Mon 19 Sep, 2011 8:02 am    Post subject: Windlass Indo-Persian Charay a.k.a. Khyber Knife         Reply with quote

Do you have a photo, Bob? We would like to know how does it look like.
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