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Francisco Rodriguez

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PostPosted: Tue 22 Feb, 2011 10:40 am    Post subject: 3 Crazy Tips You Should Know Before buying Swords         Reply with quote

1.- Is it a sword?
You might be thinking, hey its obvious that it has to be a sword if I’m going to buy it. Well, as stupid as it sounds, believe me it is very important to take a look at the instructions and descriptions when ever your buying a sword.
A couple of months ago a friend of my calls me to my house telling me that there was a retail store selling samurai swords at very low prices; $28 Usd to be accurate. I couldn’t believe it. It is impossible that any retail stores has best prices than I do. The next day I went to take a look, my friend was very exited because we made a bet, if it was real I was going to buy it to him if it was not real he had to pay me 28 bucks.
Can you guess what happened??? This might sounds weird, but it was not a Samurai Sword, It was a Samurai Sword UMBRELLA!!!! Yes an Umbrella that looked like a Samurai Sword. It seems that the store found a cool product and put a big announcement “New Samurai Swords Cool Umbrella for Just $28 Usd. My friend never read the umbrella part of the announcement. I believe it’s a good lesson make sure it is what you want.
2.- Does the good looking lady is included???
This has nothing to do with reality but at the end is a pretty good lesson. I was exploring google the other day, to see if I could find new things for my online store; you know new products or, information what ever.
I found a cool blog that had nothing to do with swords but it had some pics with beautiful ladies holding cool swords. The first thing that came to my mind was “Hey does the sword includes the lady????” Jajaja of course it was not a serious question but at the end I thought about something that is practical for you.
When we are buying swords it is very important to see if it is sharp or not. Sometimes you want it to be a big, amazing, sharp sword;or some times you need to know how big it is or if it comes w/plaque. It is very useful to read the description and see what they say about the product.
3.- I want to be a collector or a scaring sword master???
Ok, sword masters are not always scaring, but lets facing when you are buying swords it is absolutely important to ask your self “Why I want this sword?”.
I have all types of clients, some of them have never bought a sword before and they believe they can use any sword for any purpose.
What you need to know is this not all swords are good for all purposes.
Imagine you want to start with some “ninja lessons” or “katana lessons next week”. Your academy is likely to tell you to buy a training sword for your first lesson. You know that you will find cheaper training swords online. You come to my store or any store of the gusy of and you find out there is a cool sword you like. You buy it and a week later you go to your first lesson. Guess what the sword you bought is useless because it is not the sword you need for your lesson.
Or another good example, imagine you buy a great sword, you really like it. You come to any online store and buy it for lets say 25% MRSP off. You are very exited cause finally you have this beautiful medieval sword in your house. One day you see your favorite medieval movie and you try to use your brand new sword to cut a giant ice cube like they do on the movie. Guess what??? Your sword will disappoint you Mad , it is not made for cutting.
So when you are buying a sword make sure what you want it for. If you want it for ornamental purposes, go ahead, buy a beautiful non battle ready sword. If you want to go fight against the terrible army of the Ice Cube Men, then buy a battle ready sword.
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