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Stephen D. Sharp

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PostPosted: Sat 04 Nov, 2006 9:39 pm    Post subject: Period Correct Clothing         Reply with quote

I have been researching the correct clothing for Scotland in various periods of its history but, have come away with more questions than answers and a lot of confusion. Confused I have even checked out several re-enactment websites and come away much more confused than informed. I really don't want to do the sewing myself! Worried Any suggestions? I am trying to duplicate as close as is practical a jerkin as might have been common in Scotland. I am told they followed the fashion in northern France and the 'continent' to 'some' degree but, what that means is vague. Eek! I know they'd put their own twist to the current fashions but, WHAT? They royals often exiled themselves or were exiled to France and returned when the politics were right, so . . . does that enter in?
I obtained several shirts from Kinlock Anderson that I quite like mostly because they fit well and feel good along with being reasonably correct. Blush I also checked a site, Raven Leather, which looks interesting but am a bit hesitant. Leather Cool but, . . . ? Thought wool would be more accurate.
I understand the when King Charles (Second, if I remember correctly) was hiding out, they dressed him in a green jerkin, grey pants, and cap (he had quite large feet and often complained of sore feet during his hiding out); that just creates more questions. Sad I'd like to see more drawings, photo, etc. and a list of REALLY decent sources for different periods between 1200 and 1750.
I like Houston in Scotland but, how accurate are there Jacobite jackets? Any help out there? Question
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Gordon Frye

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PostPosted: Sat 04 Nov, 2006 11:03 pm    Post subject:         Reply with quote


Between 1200 and 1750, Scotsmen dressed like any other normal European, probably a bit towards French fashions in the upper classes, or rather like their English conterparts in the lower classes. Highlanders are a whole different species of course, and were dressed like "Wild Irishmen" until the mid-to-late 17th Century, then with their own peculiar style until 1745, at which point they were forced to dress like everyone else in Europe at the time (unless they were in a Highland regiment paid for by the English Crown). With the Celtic Revival of the 1820's, Romantic Notions of how they dressed took hold, and thus the modern concepts of actual Scotsmen in kilts, rather than just Highlanders.

So pick your time period, look to Anglo-French fashions, and there you have it. Unless your wanting to be a Highlander, then look to Irish styles.

Also check Armour Archive for some threads there on such clothing styles. Lots of discussions go on there about such things:



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Stephen D. Sharp

Joined: 03 Sep 2006

Posts: 18

PostPosted: Sun 05 Nov, 2006 12:04 am    Post subject:         Reply with quote

Excellent. That's a good start. Any information is helpful. Thanks. Big Grin
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