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Bob Burns

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PostPosted: Sat 22 Oct, 2005 1:33 am    Post subject: Thoughts on Fine European Medieval Replica Swords         Reply with quote

Single handers, bastard swords, thrusters, cutters, two handers, rapiers, I love them all! Whether they be Albion, Arms & Armor, Vince Evans, Peter Johnson's, etc. To me, they are the most beautiful things in the world, because to me, they are more than just a physical sword. They are spritual, full of the history of our heritage and they embrace my soul. To be able to collect such beautiful high quality replica instruments of valor, dignity, and honor that are made by artisans of great skill and love of what they do when they make these swords for us. To be able to put history in our hands and to feel it, is like nothing else. It is one thing to read a book about medieval European history, it is quite another to feel it in one's grip and to wield it. To feel the 16th, 14th, 11th, or whatever century by picking up one of these oh so beautiful and at the same time deadly instruments is to me, like feeling the past run through my body.
The quest to get that special sword we want so badly and all the research, the planning of it's design, how and where to display it and "that" day it finally arrives at our door, to open the box and feel it, is a spiritual thing like nothing else. Many around us do not understand this and there is no explaining it to them, but we all know what it is, and it is so deep within that it comes from our soul. Our obsession is also a contribution to society, for we are part of keeping this special time in history alive, of a culture long since past and preserving it so that what our ancestors fought with their lives for may not be lost.
Speaking for myself, I'd rather drive an older used car, inexpensive clothing, pass up on the materialistic things of our day in a sacrifice to be able to acquire that next sword. To the artisans who make these swords I am ever grateful for the opportunity to hold our proud heritage in my hand. I am very new to this obsession, but it is a discovery about myself that I never knew existed and it is very strong and extremely spiritual. To me, these swords are more beautiful than any piece of jewelry, or any mansion etc. For it was the sword that civilized the world centuries ago and made all these other materialistic things possible. These fine replicas you artisans make are much more than just a sword, they are the creation of mans civilizations, that I can hold in my hand.
Being so new to this, I hope I am explaining this well enough, still kind of hard for me to put all these feelings I get when I pick up one of my swords and wield it while practicing stances, strikes, parries, etc as taught in the several books that I have so far.

Other than my wife and the people in my life, there is nothing so beautiful as these swords! Feeling the way I do about my swords, is why I am always so happy for the person who just got his or her new sword acquisition and I always like hearing from each and everyone of you in this forum when you finally got to open "that" box!

Happy collecting my fellow keepers of our great heritage!

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