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Considering all of the features for this week's site update, please rate the quality of our efforts.
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Very Good
 27%  [ 10 ]
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Nathan Robinson
myArmoury Admin

myArmoury Admin

PostPosted: Mon 18 Jul, 2005 2:49 am    Post subject: Jul 18: news and updates         Reply with quote

Today's update:

Oakeshott Type XI Swords
An article by Patrick Kelly

Albion Armorers Ritter Sword

A hands-on review by Patrick Kelly

As always, you can see our Complete History of Updates listed right from our home page.
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Aaron Schnatterly

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PostPosted: Mon 18 Jul, 2005 7:13 am    Post subject:         Reply with quote

The XI spotlight was quite well put together, Patrick - good summation of this type, and a nice addition to the series of discussions on the Typology as a whole.

The Ritter review was also great. Good collaboraive effort between Patrick and Joachim - two gents whose opinions and knowledge I have come to trust. I also own the Ritter, and find the review's comments to be highly representitive of the piece. It is true - the XI is quite rarely represented in the modern market. True too, the Ritter is one of those aesthetically odd pieces. As I have mentioned before on this forum and in numerous private conversations, I really almost felt sorry for the sword in a way when I first saw it on Albion's site. It looked awkward, perhaps even a bit freakish, with it's cocked-hat pommel and it's spatulate point. I just didn't care for it. I spent some time in private discussions with Patrick, Nathan, and Harlan, and got a better understanding of the piece. I also got the opportunity for a hands-on evaluation at the blade show in Atlanta. I was handling most of the pieces Harlan and Mike brought down, and I wasn't paying a huge amount of attention to which piece Harlan put in my hand. It immediately felt different - an oddly inviting feel, which quickly developed into an affinity for the piece. It shocked me with it's handling characteristics - just as Patrick and Joachim describe in the review. As is obvious, the impact it had on me was profound, and I brought it home with me. It continues to grow on me every time I take it out for dry handling or cutting. Cutting with this piece is just downright nasty. As a cavalryman of this period, this would have been a devistating weapon. It works quite well as a footman's weapon, though, too. As was mentioned, this piece doesn't thrust - it's very nearly exclusively a cutter. The blade's geometry is pretty complex and unique - the last few inches is quite thin and is quite flexible. This isn't to say it isn't durable - it certainly is - a sweeping cut through light or no armour would have been brutal due to this design.

All in all, Patrick, excellent effort! Thanks!

-Aaron Schnatterly

Fortior Qui Se Vincit
(He is stronger who conquers himself.)
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Jeremiah Swanger

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PostPosted: Mon 18 Jul, 2005 9:52 pm    Post subject: Re: Jul 18: news and updates         Reply with quote

Nathan Robinson wrote:
Today's update:
As always, you can see our Complete History of Updates listed right from our home page.

As a guy who has liked XI's for a long time, I can definitely say "it's about bloody time!" Big Grin

The article on Oakeshott's XI was very well-done and even opened my eyes to a few facts. Up to this point, I was under the impression that XI's were stiffer and more pointed than Xa's (I haven't been able to handle enough of either type to develop a very informed opinion, admittedly). It could be speculated, then, that XI and XIa may have been precursors to the XIII's?

Either way, some of the most regal early-medieval swords are XI's. The Sword of St. Maurice (Vienna) is an excellent example...

Thank you, Nathan, for putting the spotlight on a hugely under-appreciated type.

I'd also like to thank Patrick and Joachim for their excellent review of the Ritter-- a sword I'm very attracted to. And, as always, the photography is first-rate-- it has made every sword reviewed on this site even more mouth-watering!

"Rhaegar fought nobly.
Rhaegar fought valiantly.
Rhaegar fought honorably.
And Rhaegar died."

- G.R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire
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