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Patrick J.

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PostPosted: Sun 26 Jun, 2005 9:31 am    Post subject: Realistic Sparring Weapons         Reply with quote

I ordered several RSWs from Lancelot. A katana, wakazashi, 36" longsword and two custom RSWs. I also got two sword bags.

First, I would not hesitate for a second in doing business again with Lancelot. There are so many reasons why. Here are just a few. He answered all my E-Mails quickly and answered every question I asked. I asked him to beat a deadline and I later added several items to the list with the same deadline. If he had refused, it would have been understandable, because I was asking for the impossible. But Lancelot did meet the deadline, including the additional RSWs. When I thought the guards were missing some foam rubber, he quickly offered a minor refund. It would have been too costly to return given the shipping from Hong Kong to the U.S.A. If it was a major problem, I am absolutely sure Lancelot would have done something. But it is all moot, because the photo he sent me had deceptive lighting and the guard never had a foam rubber coating, like I thought.

The katana is very nice, but a little heavy for my tastes. Though I have held real katanas of that weight. When I ordered it, I asked for a specific length. I did not mention weight or Point-of-Balance. When using the katana, I found it handled well and I was able to use it just as instinctively as a real one. The wakazashi is just fine too.

The 36" longsword is perfect. I did not ask for anything special. Just the standard package. The weight and balance are good. It handles nice and is quick and responsive. Pretty much what I expected.

The bags are excellent quality, but a little lacking in design. When you put the RSWs in the bag point first and then throw the bag over your shoulder, the bag wants to turn upside-down. This is solved by putting the RSW in hilt first. But this is easier said than done. So much so, that I just deal with the lop-sided annoyance. I suggested to Lancelot a side zipper. It would make it a lot easier to put the RSWs in hilt first and would allow you to place more items in without jamming them together. He said he would see if that idea was viable.

I ordered two RSWs based on Albion's Svante. The only problem I have with the Svante RSW is the guard. I asked for an 'S' shaped guard which Lancelot gave me. I just wanted it as big as the real Svante. The ones I got were decorative. I admit I wasn't perfectly clear that I wanted it that way. So, other than that he did a great job. The Svante RSW handles great and is easy to move and stop. The balance on both were right on target. Weight, again on target. Blade length on target. Hilt length also on target. The RSW Svante does not feel like the real Svante. The real one is more lively. But it is as close as your going to get in a correctly weighted boffer.

Sparring with the RSWs is fun. Just put a thin coating of mineral oil on the blades to get rid of the friction. As long as you are moving, the hits don't hurt. When I sparred with the Svante RSW, it moved quite naturally considering it weighed 4 lbs. The fact that Lancelot plays with real swords, really helps him get the feel of the RSW as close to the feel of a real sword. And that shows when sparring with the RSWs.

Overall a great experience dealing with Lancelot. I am very happy with all of my RSWs. The only thing that I would say is tell Lancelot EXACTLY what you want. When you do that you will get what you asked for.
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