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Chris Goerner

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PostPosted: Sat 07 May, 2005 4:38 am    Post subject: Advice needed on Saxon Dagger choice         Reply with quote

I have been toying with the idea of purchasing a 16th century Saxon dagger. It is outside of my main area of expertise and interest, but my family emigrated to the states from Saxony in the 1920's and I have visited family there a few times. I have also taken an interest in the Reformation, and the role Frederick the Wise of Saxony played in protecting Martin Luther.

Okay, so now you know why I am the dilemma. There are three daggers I have been looking at -- all pretty similar. I am hoping there are folks on the forum who own/have owned these pieces who can advise me on which to choose.

The first is the Del Tin Late 16th Century Dagger #DT2167. It is available from Albion for $254. I did not see any options for a scabbard.

The second and third options are both from A&A: the Saxon Parrying Dagger and the Elector of Saxony Parrying Dagger. These are listed as $210 and $230 respectively. Simple sheaths are available for both, though I believe they are not a good aesthetic match for the daggers -- they are very simple, no-frills sheaths.

Can anyone recommend any of these pieces over the other in terms of quality and historical accuracy? I was leaning towards the Del Tin, only because it seems a good compromise between the A&A pieces in terms of ornateness. However, I have a sneaking feeling the A&A pieces are a better value.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

-- Chris

Sic Semper Tyranus
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