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Jean Thibodeau

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PostPosted: Thu 07 Jan, 2021 12:15 am    Post subject: Tod lashing prod to crossbow video.         Reply with quote

Just watched this youtube video by Tod and he demonstrates how he lashes the prod of a crossbow to the tiller in great detail as a tutorial.

I found it very interesting although the probabilities of my doing this is small as far as with making a DIY crossbow project, it does have some general principles that one could use if one needed to lash two things together very securely.

I know that Tod might occasionally post there things himself but his youtube channel has become more and more interesting and worth watching for many reasons, and I wanted to give people a heads up about this video, but also new members/readers here might not know of Tod's youtube channel and the very good medieval reproductions he does.

I've bought a few of his daggers like one of his large Baselards, and I also commissioned an Eared Dagger from him some years ago. ( Note: One of the best buying experiences as estimated times from project start to delivery where very accurate, if if I remember correctly the Eared Dagger ended up being finished and shipped earlier than promised. )

Tod's home page:

I also had him do the bronze castings for my Eagle headed canes based on a carved wooden model I sent to him .... Ended up having 13 copies made for my DIY walking stick project.

Just for reference one pic of the bronze heads and the original wooden model.

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Duncan Hill

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PostPosted: Thu 07 Jan, 2021 8:05 am    Post subject:         Reply with quote

I enjoyed this video - I particularly liked his method for making the "needle" for the cord. I've been using a loop of thin wire on a stick to pull through the cordage as I bind the prod on, but I think his method is better.

I originally learned from the video below; it varies slightly from Tod's in that you don't need to double back through the bridle hole once you have finished the figure eight on one side; I think this results in a slightly neater, more efficient result (but only slightly; Tod's results are obviously consistently amazing).

This guy's videos are all very informative, and the only source (other than Payne-Gallwey) I've been able to find that demonstrates a way of making a reinforced-loop crossbow string. The method he uses there varies from the one demonstrated in Ralph Payne-Gallwey, but as we know, RPG is not always totally accurate: (skip to about :50 to see the construction of the end loop)
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