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Erik Wroblewski

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PostPosted: Mon 19 Jun, 2017 9:54 am    Post subject: Yet another question about Lamellars         Reply with quote

Good afternoon everyone

Recently, I joined a would-be reenactment group, which focus is Baltic and Balkan Viking incursions and settlements (my own interest is focused on the Slavs), and people are starting to build the “kits” and clothing. I already have my linen pants, and tunic, my wool winnigas, leather belts and pouches, etc, I started to build my round shield, I will commission a sword from a local but very gifted sword-maker in the next months, and I am also thinking about armor.

I also have been looking posts and discussions in the internet (many of them here) about lamellar armor. I saw that there is many people arguing about “Vikings” using it or not, and if they would be valid in a reenactment context – right now, I am aware of many of those discussions. My interest in this type if armor, right now, follows very practical approaches:

a. Between work and College, I don’t have time to build my own chainmail;
b. Chainmail are ungodly expensive here in Brazil;
c. My focus is on Slavic Cultures rather than Norse, and there are some more consistent findings of lamellar among the Rus, because contact with Byzantium;
d. I can commission the lamellas in 1020 steel from a laser metal cutting service for a relatively low coast – I have a relatively good understanding about tempering steel because I made some courses on knife making (forging) and I will temper them myself;
e. I can assemble the lamellas in a lamellar armor in less than a week without much effort.

I talked with the people on the reenactment group and they are ok with the idea (actually, they lack some Historical context and I am helping with that). But I am a bit unsure about which type of lamellas commission, to get a better historical approach. In this aspect, I am very interested in the Wolin region on Poland (especially because my family is originally from Poland), and I hoarding academic papers about this for future reading (right now, I don’t have much time for that too).

Another person on the group said that if I would commission “Birka-style” lamellas, he would be interested in commission a set for himself, which would lower the coasts a bit. However, I am not completely comfortable with the idea, so I would like to ask you what you think: would a Birka style Lamellar armor be acceptable in this context (Baltic/Balkan) or should I stick with another type of lamellas? Which ones would you recommend?

Thank you very much,


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