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Sebastian Szukalski

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PostPosted: Sat 06 May, 2017 3:44 am    Post subject: Antique collection as of May 2017         Reply with quote

So I figured it was time for a "collection" post on here.

(Full Image)

Left to right:

m1871 Italian Cavalry O[/url]fficers sword (pipe back, etched variant by Clemen and Jung).
m1889 Prussian Cavalry Degen (leib garde husaren regiment, blued panels on blade).
m1882 French Infantry hilt (bronze variant) on a 1896 Cavalry blade.
m1889 Prussian Infantry Officers Degen (Named, etched, by Clemen and Jung)
M1882 French Infantry sword, highly decorated blade, atypical etchings.
m1852 French diplomats courtsword
wz1934 Polish Diplomats sword
~1890 Cut steel court sword, likely british.
~1730-1750 Steel hilt smallsword, very long blade, crossbar style hilt.
~1750 Steel hilt smallsword, short but ultra wide blade (but still smallsword ground i.e hollow ground triangular).
~1815 French "Rapier" style sword in smallsword length (Coulaux & Cie Klingenthal).
m1889 Austrian court sabre. Etched, nickeled blade.
p1822 British Officers sabre (pipe back, etched panel in Prosser style)
~1845 Guatemalan officer sabre in "gothic" hilt style. "Toledo" style blade.
m1890 German Artillery Officers sabre, presentation grade, dated 1937. Blued panels on blade.
m1882 French Infantry officer hilt (steel variant) on "toledo" style sabre blade. Picquet weight.
A WKC made blade with a later theater grade hilt.
m1821 French Garde Nationale Sabre (Officer variant. Blued, gilt, etched). (I actually have two of these).
wz1921 Polish Uhlan Sabre, Etched.
1780's - 1800 tulwar, Udaipur region of India, with domestically produced blade. Koftgari on steel hilt.
1796 pattern sabre of American Manufacture, war of 1812 period (likely slightly earlier, 1810/11).

And finally, to ruin it all, a placeholder reproduction shamshir. Will be replaced by one of the following, which are purchased but not yet delivered.

A ~1799 French Light Cavalry Sabre.

A ~1900 German Imperial Diplomats Sword.

A 1780-1790 Wootz Kilij.
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