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Jussi Ekholm

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PostPosted: Fri 10 Jan, 2014 1:16 am    Post subject: Deepeeka Katzbalger         Reply with quote

As there isn't that much info on Deepeeka offerings, I thought I'd post this review that I posted at SBG in here too. I quite rarely review European style swords, only in occasions when there isn't much info of that sword around. My main collecting intrests are in Japanese swords. The review follows SBG basic format.


I have been avoiding Deepeeka products for several years. This was bit of an impulse buy as it was so cheap. Thought I would sell this onwards if I did not like it. I thought I was buying this sword AH6959N: But I didn't know Deepeeka also had made AH6959, which is this sword. Unfortunately this re-enactor version does not include scabbard, the scabbard in combination with sword being one main reason why I chose to purchase this sword over other Deepeeka products.

Historical Overview

Single handed katzbalger.

Full Disclosure and Dealer Interaction

I bought this from Celticwebmerchant as they had large discount of this sword. As I explained earlier I was thinking that I would be buying a different model of this particular sword. That was my own foolishness, as I didn't do enough research to find out that there were several different variations on this particular model.

I have been slightly biased against Deepeeka products for several years now. So that will most likely affect my review a bit. I did not expect much about these Deepeeka products, as I have owned 1 Deepeeka sword and seen couple others in the past and I was not satisfied with them.

Initial Impressions

I was disappointed that the sword didn't come with scabbard. Of course that was my own mistake of not knowing that this model doesn't come with one. Second disappointment was when I picked this in hand, the feel of this was horrible.


Overall length: 92 cm
Blade length: 76,7 cm
Blade width at guard: 4,4 cm
Blade width 10cm from tip: 3,4 cm
Blade thickness at guard: 4,6 mm
Blade thickness 10cm from tip: 4,5 mm
Crossguard width: 13,5 cm
Grip length: 10,5 cm
Weight: 1720 grams
Point of balance: 13,5 cm from guard


The blade is triple fullered and it's bit roughly finished. The sword is very heavy as it has 2 mm thick blunt edge all along the length. The sword is described as fit for light combat by the vendor, but personally I wouldn't do any contact with the sword. Blade is bit wavy and not 100% straight. As I do not practice any sword arts, I cannot give a legitimate opinion on it's handling but for myself it feels very badly made weapon. This just feels much too heavy for comfortable use, and the bad handle design (at least in my opinion) makes swinging this a lot worse for me.

The crossguard is twisted S-shape ending with round ends. I like this design generally, but on this particular sword it's unfortunately quite crudely made. I think the assembly might be nut. I have strong dislike against the very thick grip this sword has. It's very uncomfortable to my hands. As the sword already weighs 1,7 kilos the sharp shapes of the grip are biting into my hand. Using leather glove will ease this a bit, but I can still feel sharp corners through the glove. The grip measures 14 cm around in the middle part.


I am disappointed with my own lack of judgement when I chose to purchase this. That happens from time to time, not every purchase can be great. Usually when I'm trying out the bit lesser known cheap brands is where this happens.

That being said I don't think this is horribly bad sword, just the general "you get what you paid for" applies here. Deepeeka makes very cheap swords, and often has some models other manufacturers that make affordable swords do not make.

I'll write up a review of another Deepeeka sword, which in my mind is of better quality. You can see the pics of this katzbalger and read my thoughts, and ask questions if you have any. I didn't like this sword but someone might like, and keep in mind these are very affordable swords.

Jussi Ekholm
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Edward Lee

Location: New York
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PostPosted: Fri 10 Jan, 2014 1:58 am    Post subject:         Reply with quote

I remember this sword. Its very heavy though. This might be an improved model, because I dont remember that peen be so clean.
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Harry Marinakis

PostPosted: Fri 10 Jan, 2014 4:20 am    Post subject:         Reply with quote

Thank you for the review.

I, too, recently bought a Deepeeka sword with a scabbard - because it was so damn inexpensive ($100 with a scabbard!) - to use as a Pennsic "knock about" sword that I wouldn't have to worry about scratching or dinging.

Fortunately I came to my senses and cancelled the order before it had been fulfilled, and I bought a much better sword ($600). Your review has me relieved that I made the correct decision.
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