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Mercer L. Blaire

Location: Ohio
Joined: 27 Sep 2013

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PostPosted: Sat 16 Nov, 2013 6:00 pm    Post subject: Crusader Monk Scabbard and Baldric Review         Reply with quote

Mods feel free to move to appropriate location....wasnt sure where to put this

FULL DISCLOSURE: Earlier this year Jonathan Sarge of Crusader Monk contacted me via Facebook requesting a Custom Langseax, He suggested that in Payment for the Custom blade he would offer a Custom Scabbard and suspension for the sword of my choice. I'd been wanting a custom scabbard from him for along time, and as some of you know I'm not so well off financially, so this was a great opportunity for me. Anyway for disclosure sake I paid for the scabbard and suspension in full per the deal we struck, and i am not being compensated in any way shape or form for this review Wink

Wow....Just...Wow. The overall package was just beautiful, the sword and scabbard were well packaged and i knew as soon as i pulled it from the box this was something special.

The Fit and Finish of this scabbard is top notch, I've done my fair share of grip wraps and attempts at scabbards so i know how hard it can be, but Sarge's work is extremely clean and no detail has been left out. The back seam is very clean and straight and rock solid. The leather is formed very well over the risers without any parts sticking up. The throat of the scabbard is also very cleanly executed and there is no loose spots.

The blade slides into the scabbard very nicely, it is a snug fit and there is absolutely no way this sword will ever fall out of the scabbard. You do have to hold the scabbard with your off hand in order to draw the sword, this is a Positive as far as im concerned. Many production scabbards are either so tight that you cant draw the sword, or so loose that sheathing your sword is like tossing a hotdog down a hallway Laughing Out Loud This scabbard is a great Medium between too tight and too loose. I wouldn't change it if i could.

After much discussion with Sarge, we decided that a baldric would be the best way to carry my big ass Berserker sword. The advantages of the baldric being that its easy to take off, and that the weight of the sword is shared by your entire body rather than just your hip. Also being able to remove it or tilt it when sitting down is also a Plus. Sarge did a wonderful integrated Baldric with the Suspension nested between two risers on the scabbard, not only is it an attractive look, but it is also very functional.

Overall i really like this scabbard and baldric. While collaborating with Sarge i simply asked him to go with a Black and Blood Red Color Scheme, and i gave him full artistic freedom on the rest. This was an excellent decision on my part as The package Sarge came up with was nicer than anything i could have dreamed up. I wouldn't be afraid to Send Sarge any given sword along with payment and say "just make it however you want" Sarge Produced a very functional, yet also visually pleasing scabbard without all the fancy "bling" one thing me and sarge definitely agree on is that scabbards and swords don't need all kinds of bling like Pokemon n shit allover it. Its a medieval scabbard, not some Cowboys Gun Leather Wink If I had to sum it up with one phrase it would be "Simple yet Elegant" I could easily see some highborn Lord or Knight proudly wearing this sword and scabbard.

Crusader Monk Scabbards are definitely worth their mettle. If you have a special or favorite sword that you want to take to the next level, i definitely Suggest that you Contact Sarge and get it dressed up, His prices are very reasonable for what you get, and his turn around time is Crazy fast. Little more than a week and a half passed from the day i shipped my sword to Sarge and the day the Sword Arrived back at my Doorstep Finished.
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Edward Lee

Location: New York
Joined: 05 Jul 2013

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PostPosted: Sat 16 Nov, 2013 6:33 pm    Post subject:         Reply with quote

I value speed above price, with Crusader Monk, it only took him 2 days to make it Laughing Out Loud
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