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Kevin Coleman M.

PostPosted: Fri 05 Oct, 2012 6:22 pm    Post subject: War Sword         Reply with quote

Hello all,
I've begun to feel the itch again, and am beginning to seriously shop around for a war sword. Some time ago, I ordered Valiant Armoury's Kriegschwert, but the site I ordered from didn't bother to list the item as out of stock (it was on extended backorder, I would later discover) and I found myself with a refund instead of a new steel companion.
That said, the construction of the Kriegschwert makes me nervous. I have one of VA's other swords, and I've not had any issues with it, but I am incapable of trusting a threaded hilt for some reason. I don't know how historically accurate the Kriegschwert is, or, for that matter, how well made and would really love to hear your thoughts...
I've also very recently become aware of the Albion Crecy, which has been calling my name. I do favor the more dramatic lines of the Kriegschwert's grip (and the much more palatable price) but I am also aware that the Albion is necessarily a better blade.
I look forward to the coming discussion,
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Roger Hooper

Location: Northern California
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PostPosted: Fri 05 Oct, 2012 7:09 pm    Post subject:         Reply with quote

The Kriegschwert and Crecy have different blade types - XIIa vs. the Crecy's XVIa. The first is a cutter while Crecy is a cut and thrust type. Many have described that model as the perfect all-around sword. Albions also have very tight, durable hilts, so that should cure your worry about threaded pommels.

What is the price range you are considering - perhaps from $400.00 to $1000.00?

I've read a number of threads where someone is trying to decide between a Crecy and something else. They almost always go with the Crecy, and have been very happy with their choice.
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Kevin Coleman M.

PostPosted: Fri 05 Oct, 2012 7:38 pm    Post subject:         Reply with quote

You nailed the price range pretty exactly. I've read a lot of threads on this site that suggested squirreling away money for a high end sword and followed through. While I'm not sure I can quite afford the high end of that range (yet), $1,000 is my cap, if only because exceeding that may cause me some sleepless nights.

Cut and thrust is what I want. I like raw cutting power, but the limitation doesn't sit especially well with me. Similarly, I've looked at the Ringeck, and while I like it very much, feel that because it is designed around primarily thrusting I'd be in a similar boat. I should note that my experience wielding a sword is limited; I have done some cutting and own a couple of fechtbuch, and I read articles on this site as though someone paid me to, but haven't had the opportunity to *do* nearly as much as I'd like to. Essentially, on the one hand I am enough of a beginner that I might not fully appreciate the difference between something as sweet Crecy and a lesser weapon for want of experience. On the other hand, continually buying and handling middling swords may be perpetuating that deficit.

At any rate, 400 seems to be the line of demarcation between an ok sword and one that really shines. The kriegschwert seemed to be hovering right around that line, which is what has been spurring my curiosity.
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Jeremy V. Krause

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PostPosted: Sat 06 Oct, 2012 12:01 pm    Post subject:         Reply with quote

Get the Crecy. I haven't handled one but folks seem to love it.

IMO it's nearly always better to go for the more historically accurate piece.

If you get the Crecy you won't regret it.
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D. S. Smith

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PostPosted: Sun 21 Oct, 2012 7:29 pm    Post subject:         Reply with quote

I agree with Roger, it seems that anytime a thread asking for war sword or bastard advice comes up, the Crecy name comes in. I myself started a thread over a year ago and the Crecy won the most votes by a large margin. My first sword was my Crecy and I couldn't be happier with the descision. You absoluetly won't regret a Crecy (never heard from anyone who has). The XVIa blade type is beautiful, and feels great. I've handled Albions with a wide variety of blade designs and the XVIa and XVIII types are my favorite by a wide margin. Keep in mind I have no training in swordsmanship, I'm strictly speaking from a novice's perspective.
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