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PostPosted: Fri 10 Aug, 2012 8:24 am    Post subject: Arts of Mars 3rd WWoC Seminar Report         Reply with quote

Hi there, this is intended as a short report on the seminars around the now 3rd WWoC of Arts of Mars (Colin Richards) in Germany (

This is an event talking place every other year and does have seminars of international experts of Hema from Europe and other parts of the world (see the schedule on the website for detailed information).

The event was started at the Wasserschloss Hülsede (Lower Saxony, Germany), here are a few pictures to illustrate the event which was intended to inform the people not used to HEMA about what we do.

Most seminars did focus on Longsword (German, Italian), Rapier and sword and buckler. But there were a few classes on Ringen, tactics and Dagger too.

I did participate in classes of Dave Rawlings (UK, Sword and Buckler, and Longsword). He did some very nice drills for how to force the opponent to bind on your sword in I:33 and several different cutting drills in German Longsword (Meyer) and for I:33 cutting by going from ward to ward.
Further classes on Sword and buckler were given by Scott Brown (USA), really nice stuff of dynamic partner drills containing footwork, proper cuttíng and blocking/binding with counters, also including timing skills.

Some sword and buckler stuff new to me was bolognese sword and buckler by Phil Marshall (UK), very nice stuff. Especially the tournament style was really nice and does give some ideas when fencing on shows, by still applying historical sound technique.

Conclusion: The event was fantastic, the possibility to attend to classes of international experts four times a day and to sparr and discuss HEMA with other participants is great. Try to register for the next event that is hopefully will take place again in two years.
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