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Thomas McDonald
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myArmoury Alumni

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PostPosted: Tue 19 Oct, 2004 12:52 pm    Post subject: MacKenzie Frain Ltd.         Reply with quote

Dear Thomas,

I was surfing Netsword and saw your photo. You appear to be more than interested in Jacobites so I thought I might drop you a line as I'm a full e-commerce website owner specialising in both the new Jacobean (non-authentic) Scottish highlandwear and also authentic Jacobite replicas. We also sell the most expensive heirloom pieces in the highlandwear business.

I couldn't fail to notice that your shoes had a distinctly 'Fort Ligonier 1758' look to them. I urge you to take a look at our Culloden Shoe. It's got an explanatory text with it and we also may have a couple of baldrics that might be of interest to you. It's a straightlasted shoe that is made by Britain's (and possibly Europe's) finest replica footwear expert. We commisioned it and you may find the heel/sole/leather to be a little closer to what you need etc. There were toe hardeners in those days, despite claims to the contrary, which were made by a vegetable tanning process which took about six weeks and we've recreated this effectively. (Our other shoe, the Glenfinnan, will not be for you although it's an absolutely fantastic piece of high quality work. It's aimed at the highlander shirt new Jacobean folks as a better option than Victorian ghilliebrogues.)

We also sell some affordable penannular plaid clasps and have recently been approached to supply clothing and weapons at the Culloden Heritage Centre. I should point out that this is not as yet confirmed.
We do a really high quality service in battle-ready swords and a very well priced dirk. All MADE IN SCOTLAND.

I'll leave it up to you and hope that I haven't intruded too much.

Please bear in mind that we're a brand new company and the site is not on public view yet so this is a very private previewing only. We should have our financial service up in about a week or two although I'd be delighted to assist if you wish to contact me by e-mail.
Here's the preview location:

I hope you enjoy our site.

Yours aye,

Mike Corby.

MACKENZIE FRAIN Ltd - Great Britain.

Mac hi,

Thank you for replying to my e-mail. I am delighted that you approve of the site, such as it is. I'm hoping that we'll get it organised within about three to four weeks.

Whilst we're runnung with the New Jacobean Casual end of the market we're also hoping the mainstream moves towards the traditional period of authentic highlandwear. Accordingly, there should be a few interesting additions this side of Hogmonay with more to follow in the New Year.

I'm working on a range of linen shirts (cotton, whilst produced/worn in America was illegal in Britain during most of the 18th century - nobody wore it in Scotland) and an angle on authentic pre-1746/7 Act of Disarming (Proscription) tartans/plaid. I promise you the very best. We source from six different weaving mills in Scotland.

I'm also working hard on some very high quality buckle shoes although the ones on site called Culloden are the very best yet marketed for re-enactment of a clansman. One of my new designs is more the 'court' shoe of the period, complete with MID 18th century buckles. Somebody's got to do it. Naturally, blue bonnets, neckwear and much more will be on the way too. Hopefully, I'll even be doing correct weskits (vests/waistcoats) and coatees. I've actually inspected some of Charles Edward Stuart's clothes and spend a good deal of time fanatically researching.

Our swords, baldrics, targes, sgian dubhs and dirks are all made in Scotland and we're satisfied that we're building up a range of superb calibre. Again, there's more to come.

I would be very happy to know that exiled Scots are visiting the site regardless of whether they necessarily buy anything and would be most grateful if you could indeed spread the word although it'll be about three weeks at least before I can transact with anyone.

I must say that I am delghted that there is so much interest in Higthland Scotland in the USA. I spent some years touring America as a rock 'n roll musician in the mid-late 70's and always had one heck of a job trying to find genuine history enthusiasts. My Los Angelean management had no understanding whatsoever of anything outside of show business and it's taken the web to shoe me an America I never knew existed.

We look forward to the possibility of serving you in the future and are happy to remind you that there's no Value Added Tax to pay on export from here to the other side of the pond, only postage and insurance - which is nominal.

My very best wishes to you too, Mac.

Yours aye,

Mike Corby.
Great Britain

PLEASE NOTE: We'll be changing over to within three-four weeks time. MC.

'Gott Bewahr Die Oprechte Schotten'
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