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PostPosted: Sun 20 Nov, 2011 9:09 am    Post subject: The 2nd private tourney         Reply with quote

This time, due to some students unable to show up, I had invited a guest Keith to attend. He has training in Chinese martial arts, fencing and Japanese swordsmanship. At the end, he won the tourney beautifully, showing my students a good lesson of how to deal with longer and stronger weapons with skills and an analytical mind.

The contestants did not share the same amount of training. Some of them were experienced while some were sparring in a tourney for the very first time.

This is the diagram of the flow. The red name indicates the victor of the bout.

The rules of the tourney were listed below:

Double elimination tournament, 3 minutes maximum per bout, with 10 rounds maximum. The contestants who survived 5 rounds first, or the one with more survived rounds at the end of 10 rounds or 3 minutes, would become the winner of the bout.

If double hit occurred, the one that did not sustain lethal or disabling hit would be the survivor.

For every 15cm in the length difference between the contestants' weapons, a survived round was awarded to the shorter weapon user. For twin weapons user, the length would be the total of all the weapons combined. For shield, it would be the long diameter that counted.

The shorter weapon user will be awarded 2 rounds victory if he could survive clean.

It was an immediate disqualification to hit the opponent with the hilt when the weapon was airborne, or hitting the audience or the camera.

The arena size was 11' x 11' and stepping out of the boundary caused a lost round.

When each round ends, both contestants had to return to their respective corners before the next round starts.

The vertically held signal meant the survivor won the round without a scratch.
The horizontally held signal meant the survivor won the round with non-lethal wound(s).
The downward crossed signals meant double kill.

All the videos are shown below:

Division (Victors of the bouts are spread among group A and B)
1.Yau 5 vs mk 2
2. kin 2 vs keith 5
3. old ghost 4 vs homan 6
4. desun 0 vs hong 6
5. honwing 2 vs taku 5
6. harry 2 vs yue 5
7. Dung 5 vs Henry 4
8. kc 0 vs Cloud 5

9. Yau 5 vs Kin 4
10. mk 0 vs keith 5
11. desun 5 vs homan 3
12. old ghost 3 vs hong 5
13. harry 5 vs taku 1
14. yue 5 vs honwing 0
15. kc 6 vs dung 0
16. cloud 5 vs henry 3

Quarter Finals
17. desun 2 vs yau 5
18. keith 5 vs hong 3
19. harry 5 vs kc 1
20. yue 6 vs cloud 3

Semi Finals
21. yau 0 vs harry 6
22. yue 3 vs keith 4

23. keith 5 vs harry 3

Talent show: Kung Fu performance by KC

Awards and speeches giving

Ancient Combat Association
Realistic Sparring Weapons
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