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PostPosted: Sun 12 Sep, 2004 8:18 pm    Post subject: Good Wallhangers.....BAD,BAD swords         Reply with quote

Do you have a Wallhanger that you like as an interesting decoration but should win a prize as the most useless functionnal sword in the world? Something like the prizes awarded to the worst films ever made i.e. The Ed Woods of sword functionnability!

Note: I don't means this to be used as an excuse to be cruel to manufacturers of these things as judging a "Walhanger" intended and purchased as a Walhanger using the critiria of a Functionnal weapon is fundamentally unfair.

(It is fair to be very critical of "Walhangers" if they are marketed as functionnal swords.)

O.K. Now for my nomination to the Bad Sword "OSCARS": The Mummy Returns sword ( Oversized Egyptian Kopesh)
By Windlass, India.

I will start by what I like about it: I like the look of the sword and as a movie film collectable it seems solidely built and is faithfull to the movie prop.

Questions about it's construction:
The mystery is how the brass handle was fitted on the tang: The handle seems to be made of two assemblies, the rear part is a solid casting and seems to be held in place by the peaning of the tang. (No mystery there!)
Was is not evident is how the forward assembly (The one that looks like two scorpions.) is put on the tang: There is no way it could be sliped on from the front because of the shape of the blade and it cannot have been put on from the rear because the strait part of the blade is wider at the junctions of the rear handle assembly. (Sorry, I don't have a digital camera so I hope that this is not too confusing.)
My guess is that it is made with two castings, one for each scorpions and that they are "Braised" together in their final position and are also pinned in place by two brass pins.
The blade has a ridge on each side that would in a "Real" sword be forged or in a bronze (Period appropriate.) would be cast. These ridges seem to be separate strips of steel spot welded to the blade: This might explain why the blade makes a dull Tud and not a Ring when struck.

I have managed to get a "Paper cutting " edge on it: The hardness of the blade is I guess in the 40r.c.
There is very little flek even if considerable side pressure is applied to the blade, it does seem to at least have some heat treating.

NOW FOR THE BAD: Total weight around 8.5 pounds, 2/3 of it must be in the MASSIVELY OVERWEIGHT handle.
This is great for developing wrist strenght!

I really like the design and if made of the best materials with a real weapon in mind it would be an awsome cutter.
The biggest frustration is to be so close to a "Potentially" great design in a totally nonfunctionnal package.
But then I knew going in that this was not going to be anything but a "Wallhanger"!

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