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Jon C. Webb

Location: Ada, OK
Joined: 14 Oct 2003

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PostPosted: Thu 29 Jul, 2004 10:31 pm    Post subject: Patrick Kelly's Redeemer Review         Reply with quote

After returning from a two-week family vacation/roadtrip a la griswold, I was delighted to find a well-written review of Redeemer, my 'first real sword' and still my favorite. I agree with Patrick's review in all details, and I think he represented my precise feeling about modern "fantasy sword" designs: they must meet the standard, that they "could have been". The Redeemer certainly does that. Patrick describes the sword's handling, which is as I have found it, though with my inexperience with swords, I have no way to sense its relative lightness when used with two hands. What I would be very interested in is any reports of Redeemer's cutting performance, by experienced cutters. Thanks for your careful review, Patrick... and I'm glad to hear of your "fantastic" introduction to the study of medieval weapons: maybe next you'll admit attending a Country Faire or two Wink
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Patrick Kelly

Location: Wichita, Kansas
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PostPosted: Fri 30 Jul, 2004 7:01 am    Post subject:         Reply with quote

Thanks for the kind words Jon. I'm glad you liked the review.

Actually, throughout my highschool and college years I was very active on the Renaissance Faire circuit, that's how I spent most of my summers and weekends. I was even a regular attender of Fantasy/SciFi conventions ! Eek!

"In valor there is hope.".................. Tacitus
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