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Gabriele C.

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PostPosted: Sat 27 Mar, 2010 3:28 am    Post subject: Gladiatores: March 26-October 3 (inside the Colosseum)         Reply with quote


The Soprinendenza speciale per i beni archeologici di Roma sets an innovative exhibition, exclusively about gladiators, in its most famous monument: the Colosseum.

The displaying concept is inspired by the experimental archaeology and it's mainly educational: original findings are displayed together with modern copies, created by Silvano Mattesini (President of Archeos, the Association i work with) in accord to rigorous studies.
All of the information about the gladiators’ world has been collected from many different sources (epigraphy, frescoes, mosaics, statues, historical documents). Alongside the original documents, historians have re-created perfect copies, where the documents colours have faded and shapes have been deformed over time.

So, finally it is possible to understand the theatrical sense of gladiators’ performances. The fighting styles are explained through the weapons used, but also through the different armour pieces and the movements they allowed.
The visitors are brought inside the gladiators’ world: the fighting art, the human psychology and the social aspects.

The exhibition is set into eight different section: the gladiators performace (from the origins to the later politics and social meanings), the performances organization (from the laws about gladiators games to the public officers), the gladiators legal provision (from the slave to the pro), gladiator pro (different aspects of gladiators life and career), gladiators classes (from Retiarius to Thraex, from Murmillo to Sagittarius), a day in the anfitheater (the luxurious games at Colosseo, through the historians testimonies), the venatio (the famous hunting of foreign and exotic animals), how to create the weapons (creating thecnics and evolution of the objects).

It's a great honour for me to see the pieces i wear for reenaction, the object of many studies, in an exhibit inside the Colosseum. Few days ago i went there for a night inauguration, simply amazing! I get lost in the first ring of the Colosseum with a guardian chasing after me thinking i wad a thief! ahahah.

A little spam for my city. It's a good time to visit Rome. I know euro is still very strong, but the price for visiting monuments and exhibitions is falling. The all-inclusive ticket for Colosseum, Gladiatores exhibit, the entire Forum and Palatin Hill costs only 12 euros, and it lasts 2 days!

Ave to all myArmoury users.

A gallery from the exhibit[/img]

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Maurizio D'Angelo

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PostPosted: Sat 27 Mar, 2010 11:10 am    Post subject:         Reply with quote

Ave gladiatore,
the work done is simply great. Your efforts are and will be rewarded.
A small mistake: Rome is not your city, Rome is all the peoples of the world.Wink

Tip: raise prices. Eek!
I remember that I spent two days in London to see museums. British, apart
I returned to my hotel, with only my underwear, I spent a lot. Laughing Out Loud
Joke. London is my favorite. Razz

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