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Nate C.

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PostPosted: Wed 16 Jun, 2004 5:36 pm    Post subject: Training Methods         Reply with quote

[I think this is the right place]
Greetings all,
I'm interested in the methods of training that are used for practicing using midievel swords. I've seen various methods in different web pages and I was curious what methods you all use. Are waisters preferred or do you use live steel? If live steel, what safety measures do you take to avoid finding out what your (or your opponents) innards look like? do any of you use practice swords like the A&A Fechtbuch Sword?

Thanks for your input,

Nate C.

Sapere Aude
"If you are going to kill the man, at least give him a decent salute." - A. Blansitt

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Robert Zamoida

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PostPosted: Wed 16 Jun, 2004 7:15 pm    Post subject:         Reply with quote

Hi Nate!

Here's what I would recommend. If you plan on studying by yourself, or with a partner or a group of friends, begin your studies with solo drills using a waster. I recommend Purpleheart Armory. If you're studying with friends and wish to perform partner drills, again use wasters at SLOW speeds and LIGHT contact; for protection, use a three weapon mask and leather gloves at the least, with some type of padded or heavy cloth garment for added protection; you can get all of these from Triplette Competition Arms. or, you can get a very good gambeson from Revival Clothing. Remember, DO NOT GO FULL SPEED!; a waster may not cut, but it will still bruise, break bones, and cause all kinds of other nasty impact and blunt force trauma. No matter what anyone says, control is just as important as speed, strength and power in the study of swordsmanship.
For pell work; there is some great information on pells and how to make them on Purpleheart's site; I would recommend getting either the Practical Knightly or Hand and a Half Sword by Hanwei/CAS Iberia. The best way to get one would be to go on Ebay, and under search type in Paul Chen; some of the more reputable sellers include Grendel's Cave and The Best Blade, and their prices for those swords average about $100. The protective equipment mentioned above should be used, especially for any pell work done at speed.
For any type of cutting work, I would recommend that you try to locate and groups, schools, or associations in your area that study Western Martial Arts and receive supervised instruction before you begin on your own; not only can cutting targets be dangeruous to you and any bystanders, but you may also damage or break your sword. If you happen to be cutting with anything from Angus Trim, Arms and Armour or Albion Armorers you will be out anywhere from $450-$1000! Sad
You can get some great books from The Chivalry Bookshelf; and other reference materials can be found on The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts.
Overall, I would say keep an open mind, be creative, and take your time. If you can't find anyone in your area that can help you with your studies feel free to post your questions here; there are many members who study Western Martial Arts and some are even instructors affiliated with varius organizations, and at least one of us should be able to help you Big Grin .

Good luck in your studies!

Rob Zamoida
"When your life is on the line, you want to make use of all your tools. No warrior should be willing to die with his swords at his sides, without having made use of his tools."
-Miyamoto Mushashi, Gorin no Sho
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