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Nat Lamb

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PostPosted: Wed 11 Mar, 2009 9:09 pm    Post subject: Advice sought from more experienced/imaginative cutlers         Reply with quote

Hi, I have posted on a few other threads, but this is my first time starting a new one instead of throwing in an opinion on someone else's.
I am part of a 14th century re-enactment group, and I have some experience with re-enactment sword manufacture (have made 2 "servicable" swords in the past) and am currently making a pair of type XVIa blunts for demonstrations( 2mm edge, rounded swelled tip, that sort of thing), from flat 5160 steel, will send to a contractor to heat treat. I don't have much experience, but do have a tame blacksmith (who is mostly a sculpter). Works out o.k. since I don't know much about metal, he doesn't know much about swords.
Since I have a bit of workshop time atm, I am thinking about adding a bit of a side project, I have a "two handed sword" which was used as a prop on a student film, the blank it was ground from was from a batch cut for re-enactors, but ended up as a prop in a fantasy movie. I am thinking about modifying it and turning it into a sharp for some cuting practice, which I have no experience with, and don't want to sully a proper blade with my ineptitude.
What I am after is some advice from more practiced remodelers as to what they would do with the blade (other than toss it and start fresh, I have limited funds atm)

Blade as it curently exists (all in metric, sorry)
92cm long
5.4cm wide at base
Profile taper is pretty even along length, untill 4 cm from tip, where it is 2.5cm wide (from there becomes a bit more accute, then rounds off)
No distal taper to speak of
Rectangular cross section (a riccasso of sorts, i guess) for the first 19cm of blade, flatenned diamond cross section after that
20cm tang (cant be sure of width and taper, hidden under a terrible fantasy handle, which will be stripped, burned, and never spoken of again)

big problem is a defect in the "edge" on one side, from 6cm from the tip, to 16cm from the tip, where it becomes slightly narrower, then widens again to be equal with other side.

Sorry about no pix, don't have a digital camera.
What I am thinking about doing is regrinding it from the "riccaso" on to give a bit of distal taper, changing the profile from the start of the "flaw" on, shortening the blade to about 82cm, with the change in agle comming at around the 73cm mark, grinding a narrow centrall fuller a bit over 1/2 the length and putting 2 secondary fullers into the riccaso section. I know this doesn't match a specific type, but sorta combines elements of a type XVIIIc with a type XX, which although I don't know of any swords that do, the types seem to be around in the same period, so doesn't seem totaly off the planet.

But, what would you do with it?
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