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Søren Niedziella

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PostPosted: Fri 04 Apr, 2008 5:18 am    Post subject: Calling all European Historical Martial Arts Groups!         Reply with quote

For the next version of the Albion Europe website I am planning to include an WMA-club-overview-finder-tool for all of Europe. Not only am I very curious as to how many clubs there are - but I have also had many customers asking where they can learn to use their swords - which gives me a good excuse to include it in the new website ;-)

The plan is to launch the new website in a couple of months (hopefully) and the WMA-club finder sometime during summer 2008.

I am currently looking for information on as many clubs as possible - and hope you will not only send me info about your own club - but also spread the word to other clubs and forums!

It will of course be free of any charge - as it is basically a service to my customers - and you can always have your club removed if you so wish.

This is the information I am looking for (see below) - for each club. I am not sure that all the information will be used in the final version - but the plan is to include as much as possible and fx. make it possible to seach only for ..say clubs in England that teaches small sword. Better to have as much as possible information from start :-)

Plans have also begun for a Calender to be included in this tool - where the different club can put events where "outsiders"/other clubs are wellcome (so you can start planning your holidays here :-))

If you are interested please send an email to: with the following information:

1. Name and address of club
2. Name, email and phonenr. of contact person (for me - not to be published!!!!)
3. Club website address
4. Club logo (if you have one)
5. Club organisation name, logo) - and website. If you are part of an organisation with several clubs I'd like the addresses of all the clubs for the "tool" and I'll link to both local club website and club organisation website.
6. Are you member of a larger organisation (like BHFS) - if so which one(s)? And what is the website.
7. Which tradition(s) do you study/teach: English, German, Italian etc.
7a. Which masters do you study (Talhoffer, Vadi, Fiore) etc. Please add as many as possible.
8. Which weapons do you teach: 1 h sword, 1½ h sword, 2 h sword, cut n' thrust, rapier, small sword, viking, roman, messer, dagger, wrestling, staff/pole arms etc. Please add more if needed.
9. Please add a short (1000-1100 character's ) description of the club philosophy/description of your club in English and your national language (french, italian, danish :-) etc.)

I know is quite a bit of work to put the above together - but hopefully I can help both you and my customers to find each other :-)

Best wishes,

Søren Niedziella/Albion Europe
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