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Fighting with the German Longsword
by Christian Henry Tobler

Christian Henry Tobler presents a how-to course of study for learning Liechtenauer's secret art. Topics include the concepts of timing, distance, and initiative, ...

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—Updated Dec 31, 2006

The Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe
by Sydney Anglo

Mounted encounters by armored knights locked in desperate hand-to-hand combat, stabbing and wrestling in tavern brawls, deceits and brutalities in street affrays, ...

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—Updated Dec 22, 2006

Sigmund Ringeck's Knightly Art Of The Longsword
by David Lindholm, Peter Svard

Ringeck's invaluable 15th-century compilation of the lessons of German fencing master Johannes Liechtenauer is given new life by two modern students of the sword. ...

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—Updated Dec 22, 2006

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—Updated Dec 21, 2006

Records of the Medieval Sword
by Ewart Oakeshott

Forty years of intensive research into the specialised subject of the straight two-edged knightly sword of the European middle ages are contained in this classic ...

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—Updated Nov 14, 2006

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