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The Art of Fencing: Or, the Use of the Small Sword
by Monsieur L'Abbat

Monsieur L'Abbat was a French author and a Fencing Master at the Academy of Toulouse in France in the late seventeenth century. He was the author of the first ...

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—Updated Feb 1, 2015

The School of Fencing with a General Explanation of the Principal Attitudes and Positions Peculiar to the Art. with Hungarian and Highland Broad Sword and The Angelo Cutlass Exercises
by Domenico Angelo, Henry Angelo

Dust jacket notes: "Here, in one volume, are facsimiles of three rare and valuable works of fencing by the noted eighteenth century fencing masters Domenico and ...

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—Updated Feb 1, 2015

Swords & Daggers: An Illustrated Guide for Collectors
by Frederick Wilkinson

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—Updated Sep 22, 2013

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—Updated Dec 31, 1969

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