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Surviving Examples of Early Plate Armour (1300 - 1430) Volume I
by Douglas Strong

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—Updated Dec 7, 2018

History and Heraldry 1254 to 1310 : a Study of the Historical Value of the Rolls of Arms
by N. Denholm-Young

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—Updated Sep 17, 2018

Staging the Court of Burgundy (Studies in Medieval and Early Renaissance Art History)

"In the course of the fifteenth century, the reputation of the Burgundian court rose to an unprecedented level, catapulted forward by ever growing territorial ...

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—Updated Sep 4, 2018

Warfare in Medieval Manuscripts
by Pamela Porter

The glamour associated with knights in shining armor, colorful tournaments, and heroic deeds appeal strongly to the modern imagination. However, few pieces of ...

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—Updated Aug 23, 2018

Knights of the Holy Land: The Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem

Hard to find

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—Updated Aug 22, 2018

For Honour and Fame: Chivalry in England, 1066-1500
by Nigel Saul

Wide-ranging, vivid and authoritative, this is the first book to treat chivalry as part of the wider history of medieval England. The world of medieval chivalry is ...

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—Updated Aug 20, 2018

The Medieval Fighting Man - Europa Militaria Special No. 18: Costume and Equipment 800 - 1500
by Jens Hill, Jonas Freiberg

In medieval times an individual often needed to defend his life, his family and his property. Mercenaries earned their living by hiring out their skills, while ...

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—Updated Aug 17, 2018

Campaldino 1289: The battle that made Dante (Campaign)
by Kelly DeVries, Niccolò Capponi

Campaldino is one of the important battles between the Guelphs and Ghibellines--the major political factions in the city states of central and northern Italy. It ...

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—Updated Aug 2, 2018

Arms and Armour of the Joust
by Tobias Capwell

Jousting is the most iconic form of mounted combat. For more than five hundred years, the sport itself, and the chivalric culture that surrounded it, took on almost ...

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—Updated Jul 9, 2018

Hunting Weapons from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century: With 288 Illustrations
by Howard L. Blackmore

Detailed, comprehensive account of swords, knives and bayonets, staff weapons, bows, crossbows, guns and other miscellaneous arms — dating from the Middle Ages to ...

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—Updated Jun 23, 2018

Total items in list: 564
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