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This is a copy of one of those books you just need to own. :) It's one of those Italian titles by Lionello Boccia that should be on the shelf of any serious collector of European arms. It's filled with around 800 color and black and white pictures of Italian arms: -swords, daggers, rapiers, polearms, etc. I spent years looking for my own copy and it's among the last things on my shelf that I'd get rid of. It's that important as a pictorial reference. In addition to the pictures, there are descriptions (in Italian, but easily translatable with apps on your phone) and some basic stats on everything pictured.

This copy (an extra I ran across) is in good shape. There is bumping to the top and bottom corners and a little bit of foxing. Only small tears to the dust jacket. Interestingly, there is a glued-in bookplate from Christie's (the auction house) dated September 15th, 1977. Whether this was a reference copy owned by the auction house or something they sold on someone's behalf is unknown.

-$215 OBO + s/h


-$195 + s/h AND a donation to myArmoury of at least $10. :)

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