This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Hi, IM seeking "ready made" Options or otherwise affordable custom options for a variety of so Called Ancient TAchi- from Kofun/Yamato/Asuka Era--- but more specifically Chokoto( or any of the handful - of Blade Variants) with several of the different ancient Koshirae-(Hilt/fitting) configurations-- most notably: "Keito/keitou Tachi" "Hoto TAchi" "Kanto TAchi" "Kabutsuchi" - "Warabite" this one somewhat a different type altogether some might say , and the Very ancient Later Yayoi/Early YAmato Sukanto TAchi( ( I know these are essentially the Same as Late Han Chinese/ Three Kingdoms Dao) at least the blade and ring pommel/ tang form.--
--also options for ancient "Ken/Tsurugi" and any Koshirae types (ps: these are all the usual names they are known to me by in case some have alternate spelling) but im sure many of you all are more familiar than I.

If any one has any ready- made sources... or affordable/relatively inexpensive custom options/maker/manufacturers for these-- Please Let me know Back Soon