This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I am selling this Type XVIIIc Alexandria by Alex Sulowski. I purchased this sword from a user on SBG last year who had also listed it here. It has been kept clean/dry in storage since then. - Timestamps (Note, I am cross posting this from an SBG Classifieds listing. If you want any confirmation for legitimacy sake, please reach out to one of the mods on SBG) - Better camera pictures from previous owner. - original album and details from the smith himself.

Price is $2400 USD with shipping in CONUS. I will also ship internationally, but you would pay for shipping. Includes scabbard. No trades being accepted. Please PM with reasonable offers.

Measurements from Sulowski:

total length: 117cm (46.1in)

blade length: 87cm(34.25in)

Blade width: 79mm (3.11in)

Thickness of blade (at the base): 5mm (.197in)

weight: 1725g (3.8lbs)

balance: 8,5cm (3.35in)

grip length: 23,6cm (9.3in)

hardness: 52HRC