Cheness O-Katana, 9260 Spring Steel, Blue Ito
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

(re-post of this sword, did not sell last time)

I'm selling my through-hardened 9260 spring steel O-Katana by Cheness Inc.
(manufacturer's stats:

[ Linked Image ]

What I measured:

Blade length (tip to tsuba): 85cm
Total length (sword only): 115.5cm
Total length (with saya): 118cm
Weight (sword only): 1200g
PoB: ~17cm from the Tsuba
Thickness at base: 7.25mm

It came moderately sharp with a slight appleseed grind. It also has a fake hamon, which I have made a bit subtler. I have lightly touched up the edge with 2000 and 12000 grit belts, which is somewhat visible in the kissaki area but otherwise did not alter the geometry of the blade, despite making it very sharp.

The saya has a coating of wax on the inside, some of which sometimes sticks to the blade when drawn but has no adverse effects besides smudges on the blade.

I have cut with it on three occasions, targets were tatami mats, a few water bottles and milk jugs. This has left some very slight marks on the blade. It is an excellent cutter. There is one small ding on the spine, not sure when that happened.

The tsuka seems to be the new and improved, beefier type. Feels nice and secure and does not seem prone to damage.
I have disassembled it once to fix some rattling in the habaki and tsuka area (I think I shimmed it with slips of oiled paper). It is a bit of a bear to disassemble. The Mekugi (1 bamboo, 1 brass) come out easily enough, but the tsuka is on very tight.

The blue Ito is not the tightest, but tight enough to wield it confidently.

There is a slight dent in the Kashira where the lacquer has come off, and the lacquer on the tip of the Saya is not so great. There is also a tiny scratch on the Saya.

I bought it new on , which no longer offer Cheness products. I paid 401 with shipping.

My asking price is 350 with insured shipping inside the EU. Global shipping negotiable.

I accept paypal and bank transfer. Cash possible if collected in Munich, Germany.

I would be interested in trading for a sharp Landsknecht Emporium Dorothea Dussack.

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This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

Bump, reduced to 325 with EU shipping.
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

Still available, dropped to 300 with shipping.

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