This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Hi Folks, long time lurking. I would like to buy a spatha blade (just the blade) in the 28" range + or -, something of at least Albion quality up to ??? Not looking for stage acting quality. I'd like to build up something like the Feltwell sword or comparable but while I'm well set up for small forgings and associated work, and I've made a lot of knives, I've never made a sword and would like to play around in some spare time with a ready-made blade or two.

I'm probably going to disassemble some deepeeka stuff just to get going but in the meanwhile I am very interested in buying a better blade and just don't want to wait around for custom work.

Let me know what you have! Spatha types or very early Migration period - something usable for a longer sword in Britain ca. 300 - 500 or so that would be suitable for an all or largely organic hilt.

I'm in Pennsylvania in the US. Will do PayPal payment. Thanks!