Michael Pikula Type XIIIa
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

I purchased this off Michael Pikula in 2012. From what I gather, he's had to stop making swords as it wasn't profitable enough for the time and effort he was putting into each piece. It's a shame, because his work still stands out as some of the best I've seen.

Leading up to this piece, he had been experimenting with a variety of VERY wide blade forms. There was a XIIIb(kind of sister-sword to this one), a Castilion-style Type XV/XVIII, as well as a similarly-oversized XVIIIc. However, I like to think this particular sword was the ultimate culimnation of that phase... kind of what all the others were leading up to, in a way.

I reviewed the piece here: http://myArmoury.com/talk/viewtopic.php?t=24557
All my comments from then continue to apply today - the sword has not suffered any real wear, apart from the fact the blade no longer "rings" as powerfully as when I first got it.

Imperfections... There are a couple of very tiny patination spots developing towards the tip of the blade. These could either be allowed to develop, or buffed out in a few minutes. The wooden box that this sword was shipped and store in appears to have scuffed the mid-blade area a bit as well, but I can polish that out if desired, or leave you to do it yourself. Also a light maintenance job. One of the fullers on one side of the blade is slightly shorter and less tapered than the one next to it. Other than that, everything is very tight, very clean, symmetrical.

I am not particularly excited about putting this piece up for sale. The likelihood of me ever having the opportunity to own another sword that has as much unique character as this one is, to put it lightly, slim... The likelihood of owning such a unique piece that is also as high-quality as this one is next to none.

Asking price is $4,000. Although I really would like to keep this piece, that price would force me to part with it for practical reasons; there would be no pragmatic justification for me to reject the exchange at that poitn. On the other hand, this does mean I may be open to lower offers - but keep in mind I'm not in any hurry to let this go. Too much less than that and I'm more likely to think keeping it is justifiable...

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This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

A few additional photos from the same session.

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This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

This sword now has a sale pending.

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