This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I'm interested in Albion swords but due the costs of shipping, taxes and customs, I can't afford buying from outside the European Union (this sucks! Shipping is $100+, taxes are 25% and customs around 5%. So much for free trade). So, I'm mainly looking for swords inside the EU but for the right price I can consider an offer from anywhere in the world. These are the swords I'm interested in:

Next Gen.

- The Hersir
- The Huskarl
- The Stamford

- The Reeve
- The Yeoman
- The Poitiers
- The Lancaster
- The Kingmaker
- The Machiavelli

- The Baron
- The Mercenary

- The Vassal

Skirmish Line

- The Rollo

Maestro Line

- The Liechtenauer
- The Marozzo

Other swords could be of interest.

If you got one of these and want to sell please send me a PM.