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WTS: Brand new Hanwei Tinker Great Sword of War (NL,EU)

More than half a year ago I ordered a Hanwei Tinker Great sword of War with the intention of making a very large 11th/12th century Oakeshott Type XII single-handed sword. It was out-of-stock for all this time and completely forgot about it but last week I suddenly got a message saying that the sword was shipped and it arrived a couple days ago. It's still brand new and unused. I've only taken it out of the box to measure and oil the blade.
However, like I said in my other adds, I no longer have the time to do any work on this sword and I don't have a use for it as is either. I finally had some time to properly think it over and I decided to put it up for sale.

I did take some basic measurements:
Total Length: 120.9cm
Blade length: 91.3cm
Handle length (including guard and pommel): 29.6cm
Sword weight: 1700 gram
Width of the blade at the base: 56mm
Width of the blade near the tip: 36mm
Thickness of the blade at the base: 5.7mm
Thickness of the blade near the tip: 3.3mm

I can't remember the exact amount that I paid but I know it was well over 300 and most stores sell it for around 340 - 380 so I'm asking 290, seems very reasonably considering it's brand new, unused, in the original packaging.
Buyer pays shipping and will depend on location and shipping company of choice, I almost always use GLS because it's one of the few that accepts long packages. It will be shipped in it's original Hanwei packaging and the blade will be well oiled.
I accept paypal (friends&family option or add 4% for the fees) and standard bank transfer.
I'm in The Netherlands, Europe so please we aware that shipping and potential import fees might add up depending on your location.

There are plenty of pictures and info of this sword on the internet but for specific pictures and info feel free to send me an email.

Best regards, Louis