Arms and Armor Town Guard Sword
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Hello guys and girls,

Up for sale or trade- arms and armor town guard sword.

Like new condition: comes with an arms and armour basic leather scabbard. (The guard needs a polish)

Looking for $775 plus shipping or a trade or both! Please Let me know :)

Blade: 6150 High Carbon Steel

Weight: 3 lb 0.4 oz

Edge: Sharp

P.O.B.: 3 3/4''

Thickness: 6.6 mm - 2.1 mm

Width: 20.8 mm - 48 mm

Grip Length: 3 1/4

Many commonly associate the Renaissance as an era dominated by thin rapiers, but this is patently untrue. The rapier did come to dominate civilian defense and duelling, but it was unsuited as a sword for war. Swords of greater durability are needed for the more brash and rough fighting of war, and they needed greater heft to effectively rend light armors or to puncture weaker points in superior armors. Civilians in Venice may have commonly carried rapiers, but the fighting men of the Venetian Republic often carried the wider bladed, cutting-oriented Schiavona.

Some swords occupied the middle ground between cutting and thrusting, and these blades were derived from late Medieval swords with a similarly pronounced tapering blade geometry. These ‘’cut and thrust’’ Sideswords added the additional crossbars to the guard to not only protect the entirety of the hand, but to especially protect the fingers that often gripped the blade over the crossguard to give the sword better directional and thrusting control.

The sword shown here was a cut-and-thrust sidesword made for a member of the Munich Town Guard from about 1610. It was likely an excellent choice for keeping the peace in the rough-and-tumble streets of a Renaissance city. The sword has excellent thrusting ability - good for going toe-to-toe with a errant duellist and his rapier. The blade retains the width needed for good cutting ability and it has the heft to allow the town guardsman to cross blades again and again in a wild street melee without fear of his blade easily breaking. It is a nimble, yet decisive sword. The cut and thrust sword was especially popular in England and it is the type of sword that the fencing manuals of George Silver are based upon.

The Munich Town Guard Sword recreated here by Arms & Armor is based on an original that is now within the Wallace Collection of London. It has a blade of tempered and sharpened 6150 high carbon steel. The complex guard and pommel are of steel and the grip is tightly wrapped with twisted wire.
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

The sword have been purchased! Thank you to everyone who showed interest.

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