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I have for sale an M1861 Austrian Infantry Officers Sabre and scabbard. This sword is pretty immaculate. The sharkskin and wire grip is 100% intact and the blade is good except for the foible which has some spots of black rust as seen in the picture. This is a great, nimble little sword, its lightweight and pronounced taper makes it extremely responsive. Solid addition to any collection. I like it quite a bit and I'm only selling to buy a sword I'd feel more comfortable abusing. That being said the price will remain at $200 plus shipping, no lower. I will also entertain trade offers of comparable value. Below you'll find the stats and some images. Feel free to inquire for more info, but please note I'm by no means an expert. Cheers!

Weight: 1.4 Pounds
Blade Length: 28 Inches
Total Length: 34 Inches