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Hi again,her one more example of GEORGIAN KHEVSURETI "GOURDA"BROADSWORD blade 20th century first half.
Fitying is Silver hilt parts,as trough the scabbard are the crosse made of silver as well.
Very sharp,pretty rigid,solid bladd,marked with classic and original GOURDA MARKS.
THESE PIECES ARE ALL BETWEEN 70 and 80cms.long,very light swords,all from kg.0,8 to 0,9 maximum.
KHEVSURIAN,to me,are the lightest,fastest,better manovrable swords (broadswords and slightly curved types) i ever had and tryed on a fight.
Infact, these were in use on Tribal Georgian Mountain Warriors,the KHEVSURIAN WARRIORS,until 1917 at war.
Still now used a nuch for their style combact with CHAIN MAIL,VAMBRACES,HELMET AND SMALL SHIELD,more Piercing trough mail the slashing.
450 euro without shipping
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